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Report: Arena USMNT staff to include heavy Galaxy influence


Bruce Arena is leaving the Los Angeles Galaxy to take over the U.S Men’s National Team job, and he’s taking a chunk of his Galaxy staff with him.

Joining Arena in his new venture as USMNT manager will be Galaxy assistant coaches David Sarachan, Pat Noonan, and his son, Kenny Arena, as well as goalkeeper coach Matt Reis, according to ESPN.

Reports state that Arena aims to “hit the ground running” with his new staff, finding immediate success as soon as March’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Honduras at home and Panama on the road. It is clear that maintaining a familiar staff is a key point in Arena’s plan to do so.

The mass exodus leaves the Galaxy, and new head coach Curt Onalfo, with a ton of staff positions to fill in a time of major transition for the team. After losing Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard this offseason, the Galaxy have two DP slots and a ton of cap space to adjust the roster to Onalfo’s liking. The Galaxy will also likely lose Landon Donovan once more to retirement, as well as several other out-of-contract players.

What do you think of Arena’s staff selections? How do you think the Galaxy will cope with their losses?

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  1. Sarachan was always going to be Arena’s assistant. Those two guys have been joined at the hip for 20 years. As for the rest, FrenchOne is correct. It’s about hitting the ground running, going with coaches who can bring the new program up to speed as quickly as possible for the next round of qualies in March. They can assess a new staff in July 2018, or sooner if they don’t qualify for WC.

    And Johnny Razor, just curious: What on earth do you imagine a “goalkeeping coach with international experience” will have to offer that Matt Reis, or any other goalkeeping coach, won’t? “Beware the devilish Africans, their shots bend downward toward the Antipodes!”

    • Sorry didn’t mean to imply the GK coach needed international experience just an assistant with some experience in the international game in general on the staff. The international game is very different than MLS and has even changed since Bruce last led the team 10 years ago. Someone that can relate to the guys and their extra stresses that playing in Europe and for the US can bring both physically and mentally would have been nice, but not a must.

    • well, when healthy and in form Zardes deserves to be in the team, so that debunks part of your attempt at sarcasm! Anyone thinking LD was being seriously considered for the NATS again was tripping and i don’t think RR is a upgrade over anyone we’ve called in of late, but he is left footed and can probably do a job in a pinch at LB.

  2. The U.S. is only one result off from its past Hex campaigns. The loss in Costa Rica is consistent with past years. The only blip so far is the home loss to Mexico. Things are going to be fine.

  3. To qualify we need to beat Panama, T&T and Honduras. By beat I mean get more points. Honduras isn’t as good as it used to be and we know we will beat out T&T, so it’s only Panama that will be the real challenge, IMO. We need to get at least a draw in Panama in the next round. Last time we played there, you may remember, we won and knocked them out of the WC. Even if we come in 4th, there is always the playoff, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Mexico went the playoff route last time and then did okay in the WC.

    • The fifth place Asian team would typically be tougher than New Zealand though, should we finish 4th. Halfway through AFC qualifying that would be the winner of Uzbekistan and Australia, but it could also be Korea, Japan, or Iran. I don’t think we want to go into Tehran needing a point or an away goal to qualify.

    • Would have liked to see someone with more international experience. Sarachan was with Bruce in 2002 I believe and Reis has 2 caps and a few other callups as the third keeper. But honestly, the only guys that would be taking these jobs are guys that are assistants somewhere, and it seems unlikely any of them will be around in 2 years so that’s also a risk for anyone considering.

      I’m sure some want Landon, but I don’t believe he’s progressed on his coaching certificates. Dolo seems pretty set with Hanover, and Boca is enjoying building Atlanta FC. Berhalter might have been an interesting choice, but he has a pretty good job right now as well.

    • It’s not about getting the hot international coach and his fancy staff. It’s about stabilizing the ship and getting through WC qualifying. It may not be sexy (thanks Ruud…), but Arena will get the job done. Why would he bring in some assistants he doesn’t know and waste time getting to know them? Once US Soccer settled on Bruce, you could pretty much figure out who his staff was going to be. We’ll be fine.


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