Marsch shoots down overseas coaching rumors, states commitment to Red Bulls

Marsch shoots down overseas coaching rumors, states commitment to Red Bulls

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Marsch shoots down overseas coaching rumors, states commitment to Red Bulls

Photo by Noah K. Murray/USA Today Sports

Photo by Noah K. Murray/USA Today Sports

As he addressed reporters before the 2017 MLS Draft, Jesse Marsch was adamant about his commitment to the New York Red Bulls. Marsch, who has been in charge for the last two seasons, was linked with the Red Bull Salzburg managerial post earlier this week.

“I’m the New York Red Bulls coach,” Marsch said. “I can’t figure how to place. Nothing’s changed other than facilitating relationships with our other clubs.” 

Marsch was absent from the start of the MLS combine this week, not because he was in Salzburg meeting with the club’s ownership there, but because he was spending time in Portugal with another Red Bull-owned club based in Europe.

“Since the new year, I haven’t been in Salzburg, I’ve been in Portugal with Leipzig,” Marsch said. “There’s been no contact with Salzburg. I was there before Christmas just to watch what was going on at both clubs. I’m the New York Red Bulls coach.” 

The Red Bulls manager stated he had full trust in the other branches of his coaching staff that attended the combine in person, and that he kept a close eye on the process while overseas.

“We made a tactical decision,” Marsch said. “We have what I think is the best staff in Major League Soccer and I’m very lucky that way. It’s a staff I trust fully. We decided to split our responsibilities and have them go to the combine. I watched the games online and through the video.”

“I’m familiar with all the players in the college game right now and we felt as a network it was most important to spend some time with Leipzig and continue to work with them and make sure we integrate all our clubs the right way,” Marsch said. 

Marsch admitted that coaching at the highest level possible is a dream of his down the road, but nothing is going to change his job status for the upcoming 2017 MLS season.

“I’ll take it as a compliment that people even think that’s a potential avenue for me,” Marsch said. “I’ve already said publicly I’m an ambitious guy and an ambitious coach. Certainly the opportunity to challenge myself in leagues that are at the highest level is something that interests me very much, but right now all of my focus has been on the New York Red Bulls.” 

The Red Bulls are set to select 17th overall in the first round of Friday’s Draft in Los Angeles

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