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SBI 2017 MLS Draft Positional Rankings

2017 adidas MLS Player Combine. January 8, 2017. Credit: Andy Mead/MLS.
Photo by Andy Mead/MLS.

If you are eager to see who your MLS team might select in Friday’s 2017 MLS Draft, and want to know which players are the best options at specific positions, then this is your place.

We have broken down the draft player pool into positions, ranking the best options available based on values established during MLS Combine week, and with the input of coaches, general managers and scouts from across MLS.

Here are the SBI MLS Draft Positional Rankings:


1- Eric Klenofsky, Monmouth

2- Alec Ferrell, Wake Forest

3- Robert Moewes, Duke

4- Auden Schilder, Washington

5- Stefan Cleveland, Louisville


1- Chris Odoi-Atsem, Maryland

2- Colton Storm, North Carolina

3- Jakob Nerwinski, UConn

4- Reagan Dunk, Denver

5- Aaron Jones, Clemson


1- Miles Robinson, Syracuse

2- Lalas Abubakar, Dayton

3- Brandon Aubrey, Notre Dame

4- Brian Nana-Sinkam, Syracuse

5- Justin Schmidt, Washington

6- Walker Hume, North Carolina

7- Francis DeVries, St. Francis (PA)

8- Michael Amick, UCLA

9- Jordan Wilson, Kentucky

10- Danilo Radjen, Akron


1- Matej Dekovic, Charlotte

2- Liam Callahan, Syracuse

3- Suli Dainkeh, Maryland

4- Iman Mafi, Clemson

5- Billy McConnell, Indiana


1- Shamit Shome, FC Edmonton

2- Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu, Harvard

3- Jalen Brown, Xavier

4- Kwame Awuah, UConn

5- Brandt Bronico, Charlotte


1- Jackson Yueill, UCLA

2- Jacori Hayes, Wake Forest

3- Joseph Holland, Hofstra

4- Jorge Gomez Sanchez, Temple

5- Lindo Mfeka, South Florida

6- Tanner Thompson, Indiana

7- Napo Matsoso, Kentucky

8- Martim Galvao, Portugal

9- Chris Wehan, New Mexico

10- Oyvind Alseth, Syracuse


1- Jonathan Lewis, Arkon

2- Niko Hansen, New Mexico

3- Daniel Johnson, Louisville

4- Zeiko Lewis, Boston College

5- Julian Gressel, Providence

6- Christian Thierjung, California

7- Chris Nanco, Syracuse

8- Felix Vobejda, UCLA

9- Eddie Sanchez, Portland

10- Evan Panken, Notre Dame


1- Abu Danladi, UCLA

2- Jeremy Ebobisse, Duke

3- Nick Depuy, UCSB

4- Marcus Epps, South Florida

5- Adonijah Reid, Canadian U-20s

6- Guillermo Delgado, Delaware

7- Brian Wright, Vermont

8- Nazeem Bartman, South Florida

9- Russell Cicerone, Buffalo

10- Connor Maloney, Penn State

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