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Evans rips MLS acquisition rules, Gomez and McCarty respond

Photo by Gary Rohman/USA Today Sports
Photo by Gary Rohman/USA Today Sports

Brad Evans doesn’t like MLS’ convoluted acquisition rules, and isn’t too shy to say so, as he took to twitter to state he’d never play for a rival team despite them.

The Seattle Sounders and U.S. Men’s National Team defender’s twitter was ablaze on Wednesday, as he sparked a storm with his comments lamenting MLS player acquisition rules while stating he would never play for a rival. Evans comments are particularly noteworthy as he, and other MLS players, often have little choice in their destination under current MLS rules.

A few other current and former players chimed in on Evans comments. Former USMNT star and current ESPN analyst Herculez Gomez responded with praise for Evans position, and perhaps a bit more affection than the Sounders defender was expecting.

Current Chicago Fire midfielder Dax McCarty also got in on the action, with his comments particularly noteworthy given his recent questionably handled trade from the New York Red Bulls.

McCarty quickly clarified that his comments weren’t intended as a dig at the Fire or Red Bulls, however.

What do you think of Evans’ comments? Should players have the right to choose their destinations? Share your thoughts in the poll below and our comment section.

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  1. if players could choose to go to any club they want, they might choose to go to the club that offers them the most money. pretty sure this was one of the key important cost controls put into place when the league was formed to prevent the new league (mls) from collapsing like the old one before it (nasl).

  2. My view is that if Evans got traded to Portland he would cry about it for a few weeks. Then he would announce that he likes the town, likes his teammates and will give his best effort.

    • Yeah, maybe so, he needs to make a living……
      but that ain’t happening. Read about how Roger Levesque playing for the Timbers turned out.

  3. Very Seattle of him to assume anyone cares what he thinks. The league makes the rules. Abide or seek employment elsewhere. Maybe protesting in the streets will pay him a living wage?

    • I don’t think he insinuated that his opinion is more valid than anyone else’s, just merely expressed it. The whole concept of twitter, after all, is to communicate. Would be pretty pointless otherwise- yeah? And…… not being able to point out where there is room for improvement is even more pointless. It is the catalyst for how things evolve, which is a good thing. Yup…. even the things we really like/love have room for improvement.

    • As a very Seattle guy….my question is why are you threatened by his opinion?

      I completely disagree with him and therefore loved reading his viewpoint as a player.

      You seem to disagree, but DON’T want to read his thoughts? I guess don’t read the article then, it was pretty clear it was three guys viewpoints on MLS acquisitions, as he may not start and his ex-teammate can’t join him ( Montero’s family still lives in Seattle ).

  4. Evans!!!

    Author: You don’t mention that Herc and Evans played together?

    Evans is in a not good spot. Getting closer to done than to starting by quite a bit. Not good enough to start in mid where he started or center back where he moved to.


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