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Report: Minnesota United ‘expected’ to sign Josh Gatt

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Josh Gatt may have found himself a new team in MLS.

According to the Star Tribune, the U.S. international is expected to join Minnesota United in the near future. Gatt’s contract with Norwegian club Molde recently expired, which means he would sign with Minnesota on a free transfer.

The 25-year-old winger has had several serious knee injuries over the past few years. Gatt has played in just seven games since 2013, but scored in one of his final appearances for the team before his deal expired.

The Loons recently acquired Copenhagen’s Bashkim Kadrii on loan and Gatt would be fifth player to sign with Minnesota who played for a Scandinavian club.


  1. Hopefully his surgically repaired knees can hold up on artificial turf that the Loons will be playing on for the next 2 years.

    This is one of the first signings that has me intrigued for the team. Seemed like a couple of weeks when camp opened, they barely had a team.

  2. The 25-year-old winger has had several serious knee injuries over the past few years. Gatt has played in just seven games since 2013

    This guy has a serious case of back-up quarterback syndrome among USMNT fans.

    • What I remember from his brief appearances with the Nats was, Oh My was he crazy-fast – even more so than Yedlin – but his touch and technical ability were more than slightly rough. He was getting in behind, he just wasn’t doing much with his opportunities because at that point he wasn’t polished enough. Got the distinct sense he needed PT and probably a tougher, more technically demanding league than wherever he was.

      Of course, instead of that what he got was three years of knee surgeries. Hard to imagine he’s progressed any. Still think if he can get and stay healthy with Minnesota United he could be a wild card for the plane for Russia but stuff would likely have to go nearly perfect for him

      As they say, you can’t teach speed, and when healthy he’s the fastest guy the USMNT has seen in the last 20 years, easily. Faster than Donovan, faster than Yedlin, faster than Run DMB even at age 25.

  3. Back when this site had Saturday Running Commentary, here is where I would say I’m amped like crazy to see Pulisic start versus TB91, both starting.

  4. Abu Danladi | Christian Ramirez

    Miguel Ibarra | Bashkim Kadrii | Mohammed Saeid | Josh Gatt

    Its very hard (as a DC United fan) not to just on this ban wagon lol

    Ibarra / Ramirez partnership (can they do it in MLS too)

    Mohammed Saeid (should have been a starter at Clolumbus)

    Josh Gatt (everybody loves a comeback story)

    an there is Adu

  5. Time will tell if this is a good singing or not. There was a time when there was a lot of interest in Gatt….3 years and 2 major surgeries later that interest has turned into justified concern. Does he still have the speed? Can he stay healthy? If the answers to these questions are YES….than this is a very good signing for the club & league. If the answer to either is NO…than he’s likely done as a professional player.
    For those hoping he’ll return to the national team picture. Please remember that the landscape for the USMNT has changed considerably from 3 years ago. There are now a number of potential wide midfielders/forwards who can provide speed….Pulisic, Wood, Nagbe, Morris, Zardes, Gooch, Green, Kieswetter, etc… Josh has got a number of players to overtake before he’ll be back into the US national team picture.

    • Can we stop including Kieswetter in this list he has done next nothing in his professional career. He has only one goal in a league above the 3rd Division and the story this week was his team was so disappointed in his work ethic they were going to move him to defender. Of course Gooch’s only goal came in a national league match which is the 5th division.

      • Kiesetter has done well at the youth levels. Hopefully he can find a club to get consistently playing time at. Until he find consistent PT, he definitely isn’t worth mentioning

      • I’ll stop mentioning players like Kiesewetter when fans stop bringing up players like Gatt walking right back into the National Team. Or Adu as a good player because he had a good game 5 yrs ago. Kiesewetter actually has a better chance of representing the US than Gatt does at this point.

  6. Fast talented winger. So long as he can remain healthy it could be a very good signing. I’m hoping gatt can remain healthy and find his way back into the nats picture

  7. I like this a lot. With a free transfer, it’s not all that risky. I’d have liked SKC to try him in Zusi’s spot

  8. Could be nothing, could be a very good signing.

    Be interesting to see what he’s still got in the tank. Guy had an entirely different gear even than Landon Donovan in his prime before his knee injuries but like a lot of pure burners Gatt seems to spend a lotta time in the shop getting fixed.

    If he can get and stay healthy this could be the steal of the offseason.

      • Extremely small chance of that happening. Very rare that a guy misses that much time with multiple knee injuries and comes back to reach anywhere near his potential. Rooting for him, but I can’t think of a single guy like him that has worked out.

      • I think 23-27 is generally a player’s prime although it obviously varies. I was never particularly impressed by Gatt – it doesn’t seem like he much to his game besides his speed.

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