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Johannsson open to leaving Werder Bremen to escape ‘most difficult period’ of career

Every player simply wants to play, including U.S. Men’s National Team forward Aron Johannsson. However, Johannsson has found playing time hard to come by, causing him to rethink his future in the wake of “the most difficult period” of his career.

Johannsson says he could leave Werder Bremen in an effort to “be happy again” as he battles to rise up the club’s depth chart. The USMNT forward is currently behind Max Kruse, Serge Gnabry, Fin Bartels and Claudio Pizarro at the club, making minutes hard to come by.

After returning from injury at the start of the season, Johannsson has made just eight appearances, two of which have come since the start of the new year.

“It’s the most difficult period of my career: I can play, but I am not allowed to,” he said.  “It’s disappointing (to not get called up to the USMNT), but not surprising when you’ve not played a minute in four weeks.”

Reports emerged earlier this week that Johannsson could seek a move away from Werder Bremen. As things stand, the forward is signed with the club through 2019 and has made just 14 total appearances since joining in 2015 from AZ Alkmaar.

“It’s not my desire to leave, but at the end of the day it’s important that I play,” Johannsson said. “I love football, but I need to play to be happy.”

“I’ll work hard, be patient, wait for the next chance – and be ready when it’s offered,” he added. “I want to prove that I can play here. That is important for my confidence.”


  1. The other half of the equation is whether or not he’d consider coming State-side. At 26 and with some success enjoyed abroad, I don’t see him making the transition yet. Additionally, and something kind of off the radar, he just had a child apparently. I could see that being a big factor to his decision, and actually favor him staying overseas.

    On an unrelated note, but pertaining to the USMNT: Dom Dwyer is now a U.S. citizen and officially eligible for US call-ups.

  2. I would absolutely take him if I’m an MLS team. Guy is technically sound, opportunistic, a great poacher, can link back to front, play up top in a 1-man or 2-man, or even on the wing if you wanna. Much, much slicker, more polished version of Wondo but unlike Wondo he can create and dribble and make his own shot and if I’m an MLS team I’d pay pretty much whatever it took within reason because outside of David Villa or Giovinco he’d easily be the best striker in MLS.

    On top of which he’s probably humble enough to go to and be happy at a small-market team like RSL or Columbus…so if I’m a small-market franchise in need of a boatload of bang for the buck Johanssen is probably 1 or 1A at worst on my wish list. And you don’t even have to use an International slot to get him. And then he’ll bang in 15-20 a year.

    This is the kind of guy who absolutely kills it in MLS because he’s humble, hungry, and extremely technical.


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