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Lletget to miss 4-6 months due to foot injury

Photo by Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

The initial diagnosis said Sebastian Lletget’s foot injury was nothing to be concerned with. After review, though, the midfielder’s injury is set to keep him on the shelf for an extended period of time.

Following initial reports that the injury was nothing serious, the LA Galaxy announced that Lletget will require surgery forĀ a Lisfranc injury suffered during the USMNT’s 6-0 win over Honduras. The issue will keep Lletget out of action for four-to-six months.

The news comes just days after Lletget kickstarted his USMNT career with a goal in his first competitive match. Lletget fired the opening goal of the six-goal beating before being removed in the 18th minute due to his foot issue.

Now set to miss a large chunk of the MLS season, Lletget is also almost certain to miss several USMNT World Cup qualifiers as well as this summer’s Gold Cup.


  1. I feel bad for the kid. He was finally consistently getting major minutes at his club, was teamed with a great mentor in JJ, and was breaking into the Sr. USMNT. This qualification window and the Gold Cup looked to be lining up to be a huge spring-board for Lletget and other young talents.
    Hope he comes back fully healthy and starts shredding the opposition.

    Had really been looking forward to this summer’s youth movement…Lletget, Acosta, Gooch, Green, Pulisic, Morris, Arriola, Miazga, etc…. Still hope to see most of these guys, but their opportunities to stake a claim are shrinking.

  2. This is really unfortunate since Lletget was finally getting the chance he deserved. I googled Lisfranc injury and it seems that it is easily misdiagnosed upon initial examination. Not surprised that the initial reports concluded there was no significant damage. I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. Keep your head up ‘Boy.

  3. Hopefully Zardes will be ready to play by the next round to give us more midfield depth. He had suffered a broken foot because of a serious tackle by Kendall Waston in an MLS game. As I recall Waston didn’t even get a card on his tackle and Zardes has been out for about 6 months.

    • Strangely enough we seem to have some depth at that winger/wide midfielder role now:

      Fabian J
      Zusi(if need be)
      Lleget(injured and a cm too)
      Lynden Gooch

  4. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere but I wonder if Lletget initially hurt the foot in his goal celebration then further hurt it on that rudiculous tackle from the Honduran. Go back and look at his celebration. Lletget pops up, he slips, and the foot rolls over on the wet surface. I think it was the same foot. Then that tackle just added to it. I have no idea if that’s the case or not but it is conceivable

    • Me and my friends watching at the bar all thought the same thing… as someone who has battled coming back from this injury… it is a total bitch… ruined Jake Lockers career…

    • looking a the replay of that foul, his foot also rolls akwardly after contact, almost like he broke it, which in my opinion did him in smh

  5. This is terrible news on so many levels. US loses a blossoming talent; Galaxy lose a stalwart midfielder; Lletget sees the prime of his career stalled. Death to Honduras!

  6. This is why Concacaf must get better standards for officiating. Although in this case the player who hacked Lleget was shown yellow in too many other instances these hacks and other dangerous challenges go uncalled in our region. More often than not its in a defenders best interest to commit the dangerous foul since most are not called or only yellow.

    In the previous decade I remember the US getting called a lot of reds or twice yellows leading to red in WC or Confederations Cup and US fans complaining about the refs not calling things fairly or harshly against us but in reality the WC and Confederations Cup are officiated closer to the standards of European play where although physical, hard fouls and dangerous challenges are not tolerated as much as in Concacaf. I’ve see us over the years adapt thru qualifiers to be as physical as we need to be in Concacaf and then when we play that same physicality in the WC we get shown cards.

    The inconsistency needs to be fixed to protect our players and the rough and tumble play of the region is holding the region back imo.

    Ok rant over. Hope Lleget makes a full and speedy recovery, a shame really since this round of qualifiers could have been his breakthough with the national team.

  7. Well, on a positive note, Lletget received the memo that you can’t be an official USMNT regular without missing an extended period of time due to injury.

    Sincerely, when I saw the “injury” I assumed he was feigning for the foul. Had no idea it was real or this serious until he dropped during the run of play minutes later.


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