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MLS releases list of TAM players

Photo by Noah K. Murray/USA Today Sports

In the era of increased transparency, MLS took a major step forward by unveiling a list of players whose contracts include Targeted Allocation Money.

The list reveals each player on every team that has had their contract bought down below DP threshold with the TAM mechanic, designed to increase the mid-range depth on rosters around the league. While¬†the list doesn’t include any massive surprises, the list in itself is evident of the wealth of talent brought into the league because of the mechanism.

The move to release this contract information is also a part of the more broad push by the league to become more transparent in roster operations. The shift began in earnest with the revelation of the full details of draft-day trades, including allocation money traded, as they occurred back in January and has continued since, with the league also releasing a new roster page containing detailed form information including the status of transfer certificates and visas.

While not yet fully transparent, the MLS Players Union remains the only source for full salary information, the moves represent a step in the right direction for a league whose roster moves are often mired in mystery.

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