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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Christian Pulisic


Photo by Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

The U.S. Men’s National Team was in need of a bounce-back performance, and they got it on Friday night with their youngest star leading the way.

Christian Pulisic provided a goal and two assists on Friday night, helping to lead the U.S. to a 6-0 win over Honduras at Avaya Stadium. ¬†Pulisic’s performance helped the U.S. bounce back in a major way, earning the young midfielder honors as SBI USMNT Man of the Match.

Pulisic’s day started early as he fired a shot that found its way to Sebastian Lletget for the USMNT’s opening goal. The Borussia Dortmund midfielder then assisted the USMNT’s second before scoring the third to all but put the game out of reach. He then added another assist for good measure, feeding Clint Dempsey three minutes after scoring his goal to push the lead to 5-0.

Pulisic’s night helped the U.S. cruise past Honduras and back into the World Cup qualifying race while earning SBI USMNT Man of the Match honors over hat-trick scorer Clint Dempsey.

What did you think of Pulisic’s performance? Who was your Man of the Match?

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  1. This may be a very unpopular opinion, but I wasnt impressed with Dempsey. I do think in front of net he was awesome, made the most of all his chances. But in possession I think he was not very good at all. He had a lot of bad first touches and poor attempts at passes. He did work hard to win the ball back, one example being the build up to Pulisic’s goal, he tried a one touch flick (which was a great idea) that didnt come off well. He worked hard to win the ball back and it led to a goal, but against better teams he will not have that luxury. If he loses possession as much as he did last night against Mexico (or any team with quality) they will counter hard and put our defense under pressure every time. I still think he was amazing in front of goal, and he only needs a half chance to make a difference, but against better quality teams he (we) will need to be better in possession.

      • Only if he gets chances. If we cant posses the ball and our distribution out of the back isnt good, than the striker wont have any real chances to take.

    • that’s what dempsey’s always done, though, even more so the last couple years: he generally looks useless—alternating between falling down, pouting, and “trying sh!t”, as arena put it—until he does something great. yeah, it’s a trade-off, but unless our depth chart at forward dramatically improves, it’s usually worth it.

  2. All the national team played well like never before,jozy altidore and the striker Clint Dempsey,whit
    his second air is more danger since know,all the team of concacaf shoud be carefull whit USA,and
    the new jewell Christian Pulisic,who nobody from Honduras can stop him,congratlation to profesor
    Arena and all the players,arena show his calm and experience,Honduras it is no a easy team but
    usa beat them….whit panam√° usa will win again,if they play like this

  3. Dempsey or Pulisic could have been MOTM without complaint. The whole team was so dynamic AND IN SYNC I just wanted to cry!!! I hope Lletget just had a knock and Brooks is ok and we get the same STARTING line-up for the Panama game (even Dempsey for some reason looked quick lol). Different management, same player pool, super different results, EXCELLENT COACHING. We looked really good.

  4. Don’t think they can play that formation against better teams that play through the midfield. There were a number of times where there was a big hole in the center of the park with Pulisic pushed up and Bradley dropping back in between the CBs. JJ will start against Panama.

    • I noticed that too, and that gaping midfield hole is nothing new. It’s a big part of why Mexico and CR beat us. We can probably get away with it against Panama, but its why Mexico has dominated us in the last couple years. Arena knows these teams well enough to adjust to it I think, but Bradley needs to quit dropping back behind the CBs to get the ball.

  5. Question: If CP22/10 is now in the middle and they stick with the 4-4-2 is that the end for JJ?

      • Don’t be silly, we need a naive in our lineup, he was pushing the tempo, maintaining possession and being creative. Was he he smelled last night, no, but he tried to get on the ball and pushed it up field. JJ may need to come off the bench, it’s time for our younger offensive minded players to take over this team and that formation and lineup last night proves that

  6. Dempsey and Pulisic were both ridiculous. The chip-shoulder flick- falling half volley-upper 90 rip goal was a jaw-dropper.

    Not to mention Dempseys free kick, which was maybe the best i have seen in a looooooooong time from the usmnt.

    Deuce is something else. I love watching this cat do his drunken boxer okie-doke thin while he f’s around and gets a hat trick. That may have been the best hat trick in USMNT history…both in terms of the wuality of goals and the timing.

    Deuce is a factor.

    • While you can’t take anything away from Pulisic, Dempsey was just incredible. I think they should have been co-winners and shared the plaudits. His free kick goal would have done Messi proud and his first goal he had a defender literally hanging on his back and forcing him over when Dempsey shot it into the corner of the net.

    • I was leaning towards Dempsey as MOTM over C.Pulisic. Maybe my lean was a bit sentimental but Dempsey impressed me with his unusually high workrate. Sure he had goals, goals, goals but all of the “offensive” players including Dempsey worked really hard to win balls back and balance the field on both ends. Seeing Dempsey in the defensive third chasing the ball or following a runner showed some commitment. Also, was it just this game combined with Dempsey coming back from his heart condition but he lacked his usual petulance and finger pointing? Maybe it’s the new Dempsey? Or Arena said cut the shit on the field? I need everyone on the same page working as one
      By the Pulisic’s workrate was top notch! He showed the differenc of what talent and effort combined makes a gigantic impact.

  7. Was at the game. He’s even better in person. Seemed like the game was slow in his mind. Can’t believe he’s 18. Could have had more assists but Jozy sucked.

  8. KILLER. The kid is already world class. He has the potential to be one of the top 11 on the planet. Keep working Christian. Go out and get it.


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