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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Christian Pulisic

Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports

After dominating Friday night’s match, Christian Pulisic was tasked with showing he can bring his game on the road for a difficult World Cup qualifier. He did just that on Tuesday night, helping the U.S. Men’s National Team earn a valuable point.

Pulisic was far and away the USMNT’s most creative player on Tuesday night as he set up the lone goal in a 1-1 draw with Panama in Panama City. Pulisic’s efforts helped the U.S. snag a vital road point while earning the Borussia Dortmund midfielder his second straight honor as SBI USMNT Man of the Match.

From the opening whistle, Pulisic became a target as Panama repeatedly hacked the 18-year-old winger. Generally, Pulisic kept his goal, dealing with the physical play while making several direct runs through the heart of the midfield. Eventually, Pulisic broke through with a spectacular individual effort, muscling past Felipe Badoy while riding several challenges in the box. Eventually, Pulisic slipped a pass to Dempsey, feeding the veteran forward for one of the simplest finishes of his USMNT career.

Pulisic’s effort came just days after a marvelous performance against Honduras, earning the midfielder honors as SBI USMNT Man of the Match over Omar Gonzalez, Jorge Villafana and Tim Howard.

What did you think of Pulisic’s performance? Who was your Man of the Match?

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  1. Pulisic

    We need to have someone to ask him and then distribute on how to say his name. Thought I had it, then announcer last night said it completely different.

    I get that guys think that Bradley and Jones should move on, whether I agree or disagree, I get it.
    But shouldn’t it be Bradley should be replaced with….
    We could do better playing X instead of Jones….

    Just saying they aren’t cutting it isn’t correct. You could say that about the Honduras team last Friday but if the replacement team loses 12-0, you might want to stick with the guys not getting the job done.

    • Yeah, it seems to be the bash JJ and Bradley day… but my obbrobrium goes to the back 4. they were not good (Villafana was better than in Honduras, but still fell asleep on the goal) and Zusi… well, what do you expect… I think he played better than my expectation, but still… but Gonzo and Ream… man, it was like watching the 90s kickball games. You can’t get upset with bradley coming back to help distribute when Ream and Gonzo are as horrific as the were in this game… And how is it that for 90 minutes they loafed around and didn’t get their behinds upfield to help posess the ball? Are they so slow that they had to stay back? Were they told to stretch the field so that no american was within 50 yards of any other american? Gah… games like this make me remember the bad old days.

  2. Every players of concacaf teams,are afraid of cristian Pullisic,every one want to stop velocity,the
    did not,can,only now an then,but is whit Clint Dempsey the dinamic duo,so both players are the
    motor of USA,playing withaut players,Like Bobby Wood,Fabian Jhonson,jhon brooks,and thimoty
    Chandler,but are doing a good game,Arena knows how to use them,and playing in Panama is very
    dificult more than Honduras,usa will go as third place

    Christian Pullisic,is the usa savior and clin dempsey,whit hace 56 goal,more than chicharito
    and the italian mexican jared borgetti,hernandez only wear 46 goal and borgetti to.

  3. Pulisic may already be the leader of this team. Time to sunset both Bradley and Jones. If we are getting dominated through the center of the field by Panama, that’s a problem. I’ve been a defender of Jones but a second straight stinker in qualifying calls his viability into question. Michael Bradley has been every bit as bad and because the team defers to him it makes it all the worse. Could we see an occasional forward pass that hits its mark?

  4. Concacafed: past tense of To Concacaf meaning for a referee or official to continually ignore reckless and dangerous play from a team from Mexico or Central America while simultaneously calling any touch foul against the gringo team for the purely emotional purpose of soothing your subconscious need of getting even with the gringo who wronged your country or ancestor.

    • 100% agree. the refs were ruling for their own sake.
      they just want to collect their 500 Euros, and go home to their families safely.
      Not always an easy task in CONCACAF.

    • I know your trolling, but really Tim is the only other guy with a claim. I mean the rest of the team only have one more shot than Tim.

      • He is a poor substitute for a decent human being. Imagine how big of a loser (in real life) you have to be to troll a website when you know nothing of its contents? And not even funny trolling, I’m a loser with no life trolling.

  5. Timmay!—> MOTM.
    but Pulisic was definitely the best field player.
    Least valuable player was Arena.
    thanks for the cowardly game plan, Bruce.

  6. Pretty much invisible in the second half which was to be expected. The more othe teams get to see him play the more he’ll be be kept in check. All it took today was a speedy defender to stick by him.
    The only way altidore could be more useless is if he brings a cot and takes a nap during the game. Just pathetic.

      • ***All it took was constant fouling and a speedy defender to stick by him and yet he was still dangerous throughout, setting up a goal that earned the team a point in a road qualifier…There, even better 😉

    • Rob: Have you ever considered launching your own soccer blog? Because your insight into the game, and the totally objective way that you assess American players is such a breath of fresh air…

    • SPOT ON bobby. Like Ususal. The sequence leading up to the goal was terrible, no composure, getting bumped off the ball by bigger defenders. Any game other than on the roadin concacaf and he would be protected more by the whistle. On top of that he didn’t let all the hacking get to him, he single handedly produced the goal. Have you ever thought about doing something with your life? Trolling was so 2008.

  7. Yeah, Pulisic earns the nod because he had no competition. No one really shined but at least Pulisic had some good moments.

  8. hahaha back to the lack luster USMNT we know. Why change what works? Why break up a line-up that has given us the best result in WCQ? Why put our best player on the wing? Klinsmann refused to learn and got fired, now it’s Bruce Arena’s turn. Bradley is an excellent captain / CM and Jones is one of our best midfielders BUT THEY CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT for some reason.
    No sync, flow or team coordination. Team not playing with confidence or playing out of the back. PUTTING OUR NUMBER ONE PLAY MAKER ON THE WING? To make room for Jones / Bradley? That midfield combo has been tested again and again with Klinsmann and guess what? THE BRADLEY / JONES MIDFIELD DOESN’T WORK.

    At least we got a point. Thanks Howards

    • Jones is a waste if he doesn’t beat people up.
      that’s his only job,
      beat people up.
      tonight, he didn’t beat anyone up and, therefore, failed at his job.

    • I think your complaints would be more valid if it weren’t for the injuries. Cameron and Lletget got hurt so obviously the line-up had to change. With Arriola barely having joined up two days ago and Acosta being pretty much new to the team, you had to know that it would be between Jones and Bedoya. I’m sure there are way more Jones fans out there than Bedoya fans. But yes Jones and Bradley did not click today.


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