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UPDATE: Match postponed following explosion near Borussia Dortmund team bus

Scary scenes in Germany as an explosion near the Borussia Dortmund team bus reportedly injured a player and threatens the team’s UEFA Champions League match against Monaco on Tuesday.

An explosion just outside the Dortmund bus as it left the team’s hotel left defender Marc Bartra injured, reports BILD. The team confirmed via twitter that the bomb explosion injured the Spaniard, but stated that there was no danger in or around the stadium as fans gathered ahead of the Tuesday evening match. German police are reportedly on the ground an in control of the situation, which remains unclear, and urge people to wait for official information and refrain from rumors and speculation.

The 26 year old Bartra, who was slated to start for Dortmund, has been rushed to the hospital with glass wounds from a shattered window, reports Marca. Bartra reportedly suffered cuts on one arm and was in a state of shock following the event.

The team has continued to update the situation on Twitter:

“At our bus departure, an incident has occurred. One person was injured. More information to follow.

“Bomb explosion on the team bus at the team hotel. Player in security. No danger in the and at the stadium. More information to follow.

“Decision about a possible game cancellation/new appointment at 20:30.

“Please follow also the for more information. There are currently no cause for concern for our Stadium visitors.”


Borussia Dortmund have officially announced the match will be cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow at 12:45 p.m. ET. All tickets will be honored.

“The game was just being cancelled. New appointment: Wednesday, 12.04. 18:45. Tickets remain valid.


We can confirm that there have been three explosions in the area of the team bus as a whole.”


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    • While we are on the subject of reality, Brian, where do you think these hundreds of thousands of people who have had their neighborhoods and cities devastated by bombing after bombing go? Do you think that countries like Germany should just shrug their shoulders and say, “sorry?” Many countries are going to have to work together to offer aid to these people. Will there be some unfortunate suffering and discomfort that these countries might have to share as a side effect? Probably. Will their also be many benefits from the cultural exchange that this will bring? Probably. Is there a simple solution? No, but where in the world do you think these people should go after they have lost everything if they are not going to be allowed in countries like Germany and the US?

    • BrianK, you are needy, obsessive and overbearing in a way that both frightens and repulses me. Please do not come to this soccer blog to seek affirmation for your views.

  2. Here in Germany, the media reported a “note” left at the scene but did not elaborate. The information about the attack it is very very limited. Thank you to people who decided the bus should have bullet proof windows or else there would have been more damage.

  3. Anthony,

    Since you were so kind to let us know that you live in Germany,…can you let us know what the latest is on the investigation? Any leads? Is it being treated as a local crime or have federal investigators been brought in to lead the investigation? Any news?

  4. Bummer to say the least, but at least there were no deaths or life-threatening injuries. Also, for the love of god, please keep the hate mongering and political posturing off of this site. People here are generally reasonable, despite their differences of opinion or political persuasions, and come here to discuss soccer. If you want to devolve into accusatory trolling and hate mongering, try ESPNFC. Most of the posters (not all) are more than happy to engage in juvenile insult hurling.

  5. Police report that they are investigating several possibilities behind the attack. Several sophisticated devises were involved. Probably not terrorism. Probably just about money.

    • Ha,…you can keep your prize,…besides, Barack Obama received the most unwarranted award in history,…so I wouldn’t want to take that away from him. Islamic terrorist murdered 300+ of my friends and colleagues,…so you can take your sarcasm and stick it up your a$$.

      • Well that explains why you’re so triggered. While I have not served, I am willing to sacrifice the lives of all Syrians if it makes you feel safe in your space

      • That is f’n bullsh*t. I was in NY during 9/11 as well. I had classmates who died their as well. I know people who were lucky escape. Yet, I don’t go around saying stupid, poorly thought-out sh*t on the internet like I am some vapid, self- aggrandized authority.

      • Or did you develop amnesia as to who was the POTUS on 9/11? Moreover, he had intelligence of a pending attack (see the Aug. 6 Presidential Daily Brief that said “Bin Laden to attack the US” and then did nothing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, invading Iraq because of their NON involvement in 9/11 just created a power vacuum that Al Qaeda of Iraq, which didn’t exist until we invaded, filled. Later AQI became ISIS, so if anyone is responsible, it’s the Bush Administration.

  6. No matter the religion, deranged individuals were involved. There are people all over the world who have a lot to be upset about; most of them do not harm anyone.

    • Liberal apologist nonsense. Germany let in 1+ million refugees from the Middle East. This is what they get for it. Common sense man! The best is that they bash the US for trying to control its borders! There is a huge amount of irony built into this,…Germany of all places.

      • You may be right, but you are premature. There are a lot more right-wing, nationalist and Neo-nazi groups coming to the fore, in recent years. It could be any number of terrorist or extremest groups responsible for this.
        We should wait and see.

      • Fair enough,…we shall see. Could be German nationalist lashing out as they watch their country get overwhelmed. Although,…Stockholm, Paris, Nice, London, Ottawa, San Bernadino, Orlando, Boston, etc., etc,. etc., etc., may indicate otherwise.

      • When you say “this is what they get for it”, it sounds like you are rooting for any country that lets in middle eastern refugees to have terror attacks, just to prove your stereotypes about the people form that region correct.

      • No. But like I said above,….common sense. Maybe your happy this is happening to the ‘big,bad, evil Western nations.’ Pity we can’t give billions of cash to Uran so they can promote terrorism,….no wait!

        BTW. – you should be posting on the Washington Pist comment section. You would fit right in.

      • Since you tried to demean me, I feel I have the right to say that right wing nuts are no less a problem. Given Germany’s issues with that I would not jump to conclusions, We have Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and Adam Lanza just a few nice white boys; jumping to conclusions is just that and blaming a particular religion with no evidence is bigoted at best.

      • Dennis,…you are 100% correct,…we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Time will tell. That said,…I don’t understand your train of thought….Germany has a problem with right-wing nuts,…and then you list unhinged American hate mongers/mentally ill crazies.

        Anyway,…sad the game of soccer has been tainted by (someone) with twisted hearts. I don’t come to this site for this.

      • “Anyway,…sad the game of soccer has been tainted by (someone) with twisted hearts. I don’t come to this site for this.” Exactly. I don’t come to this soccer blog to read your political hate speech. Away with you!

      • Brian, You say that you don’t come to this site for “this” yet you spew “this”. Don’t see the contradiction? Btw, I currently love in Germany.

      • Anthony,

        That is right,…I don’t come to this site for this type of news. I don’t expect to read that a soccer team on its way to a soccer match is the target of a bomb blast. I come to read about the sport of soccer but I am treated to a story about terrorism. Got that straight? Is it that hard to understand?

        That said,…terrorism has literally become an aspect of our daily lives,…so I shouldn’t be surprised. Furthermore, it makes sense,…sports teams are high profile and until yesterday, were pretty soft targets.

        Anyway,…since you are living in Germany and must have access to the most current news,…can you let us know what the investigators are saying? Neo-nazis? The Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Disgruntled Barnum & Bailey circus performers?

    • BrianK,

      I think you finally get it. “Unhinged American hate mongers/mentally ill crazies.” Now substitute muslim in for american and you get why its shitty to make generalizations about 1/6th of the world’s population. The actions of a few hate mongers/mentally ill crazies of a certain race/religion/ethnicity are not indicative of the general population of those people. Just like dylann roof’s actions aren’t indicative of young white males.

      Your attitude towards the attack is telling and shocking. “This is what they get.” Honestly, who says sh!t like that? You literally have no clue whether it was a refugee. Even if it was, does that mean Germany deserved? Gimme me f’ckn break. Take a break from sipping the kool-aid.

      • Johnny,…so is it wrong to lament that ‘this is what they get’ for opening their borders, country, homes, etc? There is nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution. There is nothing wrong with a sovereign nation securing its borders.

        That said,…let’s wait and see who, what, why. It could be a Bayern supporter! It could be a new-nazi. It could be a CIA operative. It could be Professor Plumb in the library with the candlestick.

        BTW — not sure what kool-aid you are referring to.
        Common sense look-aid?

    • No matter the religion, deranged individuals were involved…

      “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

    • You said it. I feel bad for the Germans. They are a nation of good Christian people, trying to do the right thing and struggling with their past. This is what they get for it.

      A sad day, indeed.

    • If any country has a debt to pay for it’s atrocities, it’s Germany, right? Is it really too much to ask for Germany to step up and help out a little bit as thousands and thousands of people are fleeing their own devastation? Sure some countries are feeling some negative effects from the refugee crisis, but let’s have a little perspective and keep in mind the horrible things that are happening in these places which is the actual root of the issue. There are thousands and thousands of people who have literally had their homes and neighborhoods blown up. Do you just want to tell those people to suck it up?


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