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Lefevre suspension rescinded by MLS

The week-long saga involving an Instagram post from Montreal Impact defender Wandrille Lefevre has come to an end.

Days after being suspended by the Montreal Impact for his anti-Donald Trump post, the player issued an apology and the league rescinded his suspension.

Lefevre was remorseful in his apology, which he posted on Twitter, stating that the post was supposed to come off as humorous, but it did the exact opposite.

The league office later released its own statement, which reinstated Lefevre from the ban Montreal handed out when the post was put up and then quickly deleted.

Montreal is in action on Saturday as it takes on Atlanta United at Stade Saputo.


  1. glad he apologized for exercising Amendments 1 & 2 of the Bill of Rights at the same time… idk did it happen in Canada maybe its different there but in America you have to be careful mixing politics and constitutional rights.

    • Where he messed up was not having the Canadian flag drapped over him, guzzling a Labatt Blue and screaming some version of the Canadian “Murica”.

      We can help them get the World Cup, but we have a long way to go in teaching them our gun toting way of life. He was handling an air pistol, after all. Canadians…amirite?

  2. “Never Mind” as Roseann Roseanna Dana used to say. Guess I should have read further down the page to a previous post.

  3. OK, I guess I don’t get it. He was at a place where you can shoot air pistols, posted a picture of it and was suspended?? What? Unless the target he was shooting at was a picture of Donald Trump? If that was the case, I understand the initial suspension – posting a picture of you shooting at an elected official just doesn’t fly these days – but the post doesn’t make that clear at all.

  4. Regardless of the political message, when you’re a back-up no one has ever heard of (including your own manager) it’s generally not ideal to garner negative attention your ability can’t make up for.

    That entire apology was generic and the reasoning was ridiculous, but in the off chance it was sincere, only highlights his stupidity.

  5. Ah yes.. just because he’s a liberal, he gets special treatment from Major Liberal Soccer but Donadels red card still stands….


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