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Report: MLS teams not interested in Terry

John Terry will soon be free to choose his new club, but the English star apparently be making a long-rumored move to MLS. reported on Monday that MLS teams have shown little to no interest in Terry, who will leave Chelsea at the end of the season. The club confirmed Monday that Terry’s future was elsewhere, but MLS clubs are reportedly unwilling to meet the salary demands of the aging defender.

According to Goal, MLS teams were interested in the defender for a salary in the $750,000 a year range a year ago, but his recent lack of playing time and the shifting dynamic of the Designated Player market have seen interest wane.

The Chinese Super League, meanwhile, reportedly remains a more likely destination as the league is more likely to offer Terry a deal closer to his current one with Chelsea.

Terry has featured in just five league games for Chelsea this season as the club push for the Premier League title.

What do you think about Terry potentially coming to MLS? Think he’s too old at this point? Would you want your team to take a flier on him at a discount?

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    • Agreed. No one wants to share a locker room with a guy who shagged his teammate’s wife. Plus, he’ll inevitably complain that the club doesn’t do things like Chelsea yada yada yada.

  1. Minnesota United could probably use a little veteran leadership on that mess of a back line. Also a new club that could use a bit of splash. That’s the only possible fit I can think of, for the right price of coarse.

  2. My thought:

    He is NOT MLS quality, there are WAY better back sitting on MLS teams’ benches at a fraction of that salary. I get the jersey sales, but the next thing you know you have a Pirlo-type still playing for your team, while you as a fan wish he wasn’t.

    • I have to say, this is the comment of a moron. To suggest that there are better MLS defenders, in a league where there is almost no defending of any kind, sitting on benches and for a fraction of the price, is pure lunacy. Given that he’s featured this season, at this moment in time he’d probably be a top 3 center back in the league. Simple. Since he’s 36, he’s got about a year and a half left tops, so not worth it for MLS.

      • in a league where there is almost no defending of any kind
        My immediate reaction after reading your post was that you were responding to Rob

        My immediate reaction was he was talking about the Eredivisie.

      • Quit Whining liked:

        “No defending of any kind”

        Paired with “comment of a moron”

        ……you really seem to know soccer well.

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