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Tim Howard issues first public statement following suspension

Almost two weeks following the incident that earned him a three-match suspension, Tim Howard has issued his first statement on the situation.

Howard addressed the incident on his Facebook page in a post that began with an apology.

“I let myself get too worked up after being provoked and said some things I shouldn’t have,” the goalkeeper wrote after issuing a formal apology. “I am at fault and certainly not a victim in this incident,” he added.

He then took the opportunity to criticize MLS’ handling of the situation, criticizing the decision to “admonish” only him, but not the fan who engaged with him.

“We all want passionate fans,” Howard said, “but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. It is not ok for an apparently drunk fan to get inches away from an athlete’s face and yell obscenities at them.”

The Colorado Rapids goalkeeper also provided a further explanation of events in his critique, saying that he had “never been put into a situation like that until Kansas City.” He elaborated, adding, “I’m not a security expert, so don’t know the details of how a fan could get so close, but it was not the norm and not right.”

The final part of Howard’s lengthy Facebook post called for a change to fan culture and stricter security measures.

“I don’t mind – and even enjoy – a bit of verbal jousting with fans,” he wrote, “but I don’t want to be taunted for my race or my disability (Tourette Syndrome), which didn’t happen specifically in Kansas City but happens very often.

“I urge MLS, Sporting Kansas City, the Colorado Rapids and sports institutions in general to review fan-athlete interactions – both what is permitted and how that is supervised.”


  1. “but I don’t want to be taunted for my race or my disability (Tourette Syndrome), which didn’t happen specifically in Kansas City but happens very often.”

    In England? Why play the race card here then…

    • To be fair, he didn’t say in England. “Very often” kinda suggests it’s still happening, including here in this country. I don’t think you meant anything by it, but asking “why play the race card” throws me off a bit. It shouldn’t happen, and anyone who does it deserves to be outed as the scum they are.

      • “I am at fault and certainly not a victim in this incident,” he added.

        Sure seems like he’s trying to portray himself as such. In the original story when this broke, I provided about three links that showed him getting into it with players after the match, coaches and fans.

        Something was off with him. I’m not saying fans are justified for provoking athletes, but Howard lost his cool throughout this match. He’s absolutely not the victim…seems like he brought it on himself.

        (…and yea, he feigned/flirted with playing the race card that did not apply here as he acknowledged)

      • What? He is says that fans are getting out of hands with things they say, and they have way too much leeway in many places without repercussions. Frankly, he gave examples of things that have happened to him — including racist name calling. He clearly stated that it happens, but the race calling did not necessarily in this case. He took responsibility for acting out in the manner that he did, which he shouldn’t have done. However, he is right in why aren’t fans in this country being punished (like the do in England).

        YOU seem to have the objection to the fact that he stated that he gets called racist names or insults (which you do not seem to like pointing out). You also make a jump that it only happened in England not here. Btw, I am a libertarian.

      • Tim Howard wasn’t suspended because he was called a racist name. Tim Howard was suspended because he was unprofessional in his response to “fans”. I didn’t bring up race. I pointed out it had no relevance in this situation (by his own account) and even referencing it is, in fact, flirting with playing the race card.

        This is akin to saying because you, Anthony, disagree with me not only should I not tolerate it or your insinuationing accusations, but because when others have done so they also called me racial epithet in the process and that’s not acceptable.

        So, Anthony, don’t call me a racial epithet when you disagree with me, please.

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