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USWNT, U.S. Soccer ratify new collective bargaining agreement

Photo by Christopher Hanewinckel/USA Today Sports

The U.S. Women’s National Team and U.S. Soccer have finally come to an agreement.

U.S. Soccer announced on Tuesday that the two sides have ratified a new five-year collective bargaining agreement after year-long negotiations.

“We are pleased to announce that U.S. Soccer and the U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association have ratified a new collective bargaining agreement which will continue to build the women’s program in the U.S, grow the game of soccer worldwide, and improve the professional lives of players on and off the field,” U.S. Soccer said in a statement. “We are proud of the hard work and commitment to thoughtful dialogue reflected through this process, and look forward to strengthening our partnership moving forward.”

According to the New York Times, the new CBA will include an increase in base salary and match bonuses for USWNT players. Some of theirĀ annual incomes could be anywhere between $200,000 to $300,000, and would be even higher in World Cup years.

Other non-economic issues such asĀ travel and accommodations were also tweaked in the CBA. The current deal will run through the 2019 World Cup and 2020 Olympics before expiring at the end of 2021.


  1. I’m sure the USSF made a ton of money 2 years ago when the women won the World Cup but you can’t extrapolate from that one, isolated event and project a day to day revenue stream that the Women’s team generates for the USSF. My point is that I’m sure it is way more complicated then we the fans think it is to pinpoint how much the players should be paid by USSF. In almost every profession your pay is derived by how much revenue you generate for your company. Those that generate more revenue get paid more. It would be interesting to compare the revenue generated for the USSF by Men’s Team and the Women’s Team on an annualized basis.

  2. This is another reason gulati needs to go. It should not have taken this long for deal to be worked out. In a way this could be considered discrimination. Pay the us women they win world cups and have a lot of great players from the past, present, and more will emerge and rise in the future.

  3. I was looking forward to seeing this go to court and having a chance to see the books opened/become public. All kinds of implications ranging from what’s truly the definition of equal pay to S.U.M., MLS and Don Garber.

    Oh well.

  4. About time! Get your $$$, ladies. The game can be so hard on your body and they are worth every cent paid. I’m so excited for the NWSL season. ? Go Thorns!

    • I agree PP that with all the sacrifices they have to make in their lives, like postponing families, they deserve a decent pro athlete’s salary. HOWEVER, they will never really make the BIG TIME until and unless U S Women’s Soccer, and CONCACAF, start treating the women’s program like they treat the men’s and have their version of a Gold Cup and an Americas Cup like they do in
      Europe. There are enough good teams in the Americas NOW to make that type of competition


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