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Omar Gonzalez training with Galaxy ahead of expected USMNT call-up

Omar Gonzalez needs to stay in shape with World Cup qualifiers looming, and the Pachuca centerback has found a temporary training spot in a familiar place.

The LA Galaxy revealed that Gonzalez is training with the club ahead of an expected call-up to the U.S. Men’s National Team for World Cup qualifying. The U.S. is set to take on Trinidad & Tobago on June 8 before heading to Mexico to play in the Azteca three days later.

Gonzalez recently helped Pachuca claim the CONCACAF Champions League crown, but the club failed to replicate the success in league play. Pachuca missed the Liga MX playoffs, missing out on goal differential.

The defender, who played for the Galaxy for seven seasons and won three MLS Cups with the team, has a longstanding relationship with current USMNT boss Bruce Arena and was a part of the USMNT squad for the last set of qualifiers.


    • I’ve never been all that impress with Omar, so I can easily imagine a 23 man roster without him. Unfortunately Bruce is bound to call him in…..I just hope he’s on the bench.

      • There are not 3 or 4 center backs that are better than Omar Gonzalez in the USMNT pool. As of right now he is an automatic call up.

      • There are not 3 or 4 center backs that are better than Omar Gonzalez in the USMNT pool.

        Brooks, Cameron, Besler are better. That’s 3.

        Birnbaum and Gonzalez are 4a and 4b, with Gonzalez getting a slight edge because his former manager is the current manager. If the next wave of talent on the back line develop enough before Russia I could see a scenario where he doesn’t make the 23 for the World Cup.

        Gonzalez remains too much of a liability, but that’s to be expected by the 4th guy on the depth chart, I suppose.

      • Omar is, best case scenario 4th best and that’s debatable. Arena is just comfortable with him because of their past. Only reason he is even discussed at this point.

      • OS, we posted at the exact same time. I couldn’t agree more with you and honestly there is probably a 4a, 4b, 4c and maybe 4d. Omar has never been spectacular in a US jersey and too many times has been well below par.

    • Sorry could have avoided most of that discussion by saying “hard to imagine Bruce not choosing him for a 23 man roster”

      Also, we need to remember that the days of same footed CBs are mostly gone in top level soccer. Comparing Omar to Brooks or Besler or any other left footed CB is irrelevant. Birnbaum has been out for almost a month with a concussion, returned last weekend as a FB, and wasn’t playing very well before the injury this season. Cameron would the first choice of most so that leaves Miazga and Omar to determine 2nd choice RCB. Omar has won the Liga Mx and Concacaf CL in the last five months and Miazga won the Dutch Cup. I think many would say Miazga because he’s new so he has more potential, but do you want potential or experience going into the Azteca?

      • While the idea of having appropriate footed CBs is ideal, choosing one of lesser quality just because he has the appropriate foot is ridiculous. No offense… My responses were to UCLA anyway, guess I should have made that clear. I think we all would agree Bruce has a soft spot for Omar. I think Omar deserving to be there is what the debate is about. I’ve said it before, Omar can get by against low quality opposition when he plays at or near his best. He is an absolute liability in any other scenario.
        To answer your question I would take any CB pairing that doesn’t include Omar and feel better about it. Whether that means youth over experience or wrong footed over right footed. I won’t deny what Omar has done for his club in Mexico but as we all know that doesn’t necessarily translate to the International stage. For Omar in particular we have seen time and time again it absolutely doesn’t. I could even argue the Mexican players know every possible way to expose Omar.

      • whammm, I’m not saying that it is necessary, but in the mind of most top level managers today it is important, including Arena who really is the only one who matters. I assume it is because CBs are asked to play out of the back more than just letting the keeper boot it down the pitch.

        I don’t personally think Omar should start if everyone is healthy, but I am also fairly certain Bruce has already told him he will be on the roster which is why he’s still training. I would also guess all of the top 30 players in the pool know if they are on the roster or if they are possible replacement.

      • Johnny, completely agree with that… I will say Top CBs should be able to play with either foot when needed. Having the proper footed player is important and ideal when everyone is healthy and you have that option. I just don’t think it is more important than having the best on the field when there are players absent. Arena is the only one that matters you are right but I believe Omar is on the roster more because of their past than his predominate foot.

  1. Can’t see you see that happen very often, but it makes sense. Hopefully Cameron is healthy and ready for the June qualifiers.


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