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Report: Galaxy target Jonathan dos Santos’ father won’t rule out move

Jonathan dos Santos could be on the move this summer and there is much speculation as to where he may go.

The versatile midfielder featured relevantly for Villarreal scoring three goals and collecting three assists across 44 appearances in all competitions. dos Santos is under contract until June 2019, according to the midfielder’s father, a move away from the club isn’t out of the question.

“I know there is interest from other teams,” Zizinho said, “but until the season is over, I will not sit down and speak with Villarreal,

“Anything can happen in the future. [Alexandre] Pato is an example,” he added. “He was very happy at the club [Villarreal], just as Jonathan is, but if an offer comes along that convinces all of us, then…”

One place to keep in mind is the LA Galaxy as his brother, Giovanni dos Santos, already plays for the team and has tried to convince him to come to California. The two brothers last played together at Villarreal during the 2014-15 season and with the Galaxy struggling, they could be in the market for a splash signing.


  1. 1. This is really speculative. No?

    2. If not, This seems a bit desperate for the GAL to sign a player who is not a need just to salvage morale.

  2. that errant apostrophe in the title could lead one to believe the Galaxy are after the father, not Jonathan…

    ” and with the Galaxy struggling, they could be in the market for a splash signing.” Can we all agree that MLS is passed this point and that DP signings are almost never the answer to a struggling team? As GP pointed out, we need reinforcement on defense, and maybe a CM who is able to play with Pedro. And a new coach if things doing turn around soon…

    • The apostrophe in my version seems fine. It’s more of an awkward wording issue. Probably better would be “Jonathan dos Santos’ father won’t rule out son’s Galaxy move”

  3. This might be a good p.r. move for the Galaxy, but I don’t see this as helping them on the field. What they need is one or two good defenders and a good striker.


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