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Sacramento MLS bid receives boost as ownership group acquires USL club

Sacramento’s MLS hopes took a giant step forward on Monday as Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings, the ownership group who launched the city’s bid, officially acquired the Sacramento Republic.

This deal means that the Republic will be a part of the MLS bid. Kevin Nagle, who leads the purchasing group, revealed that the next two expansion cities will be chosen in September. Nagle also ensures that fans will be heavily involved in the process and that local firms are being sought out to construct the stadium.

The stadium is expected to open in 2020, which is when the next two expansion teams will enter MLS.

Twelve cities have submitted bids for MLS expansion to date. However, with the Kings, San Francisco 49ers and others behind Sacramento’s proposal, they have a distinct advantage over other candidates.


  1. Seems like a lot of money and pride being infused into downtown Sacramento and this team would be a cornerstone. A key difference between Sacramento, like Orlando and Portland before it, is an adoption and identification of the team with the city. Part of the fabric instead of get some DPs and expats might come out. Definitely a better recipe for 2.0 (3.0?) success.

  2. Being from Sac they did everything right from the start. They originally plannned to play in turf stadium (average 20,000 plus first 3 games) but when MLS said grass would be better, they built smaller stadium (originally seated 8,000-since upgraded to 11,000). The location for new stadium is loacated downtown a.k.a similar to Portland.

  3. From everything I’ve seen, this appears to be one of, if not the most, qualified candidate to gain an MLS club.

    Unfortunately, while I respect everything Beckham did for the league during his time here, that Miami project represents everything wrong with MLS and Garbe. It stinks of MLS 1.0 and its actually pretty embarrassing from a fans perspective. Sacramento represents the new wave of stability, infastructure, and a fan base. That’s everything right with MLS 2.0 (see Portland, Seattle, Kansas City, etc).

    …let’s just hope they don’t make a bid with a turf field…


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