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Chile federation president considering joint bid to host 2026 World Cup

The joint bid presented by the U.S., Mexico and Canada may not be the only big-time contender to host the 2026 World Cup.

Speaking in Russia at the Confederations Cup, Chile federation president Arturo Salah said the country will consider bidding to host the 2026 World Cup as part of a joint bid with other South American countries. The president of the South American football confederation, Alejandro Dominguez, has previously said the continent is expecting to host the 2030 tournament.

“We will consider the possibility of doing it together with other countries, it can be with two countries or three countries,” Salah said Tuesday in Moscow, according to the AP. “We’ll have to see. The bidding period is open. We have to see if there is any possibility of partnering with some of our neighbors and see if we can make a bid.”

Salah did not elaborate any further nor mention which other countries could join as hosts.

The deadline for countries to state their intention to bid for hosting rights for the 2026 tournament is Aug. 11.


  1. They had it in Brazil just recently if I remember right. Someone help me out on how many years ago.

    Why would they waste their time?

  2. This is silly. He’s not sure if Chile will submit a bid. He’s not sure how many other countries might be joining the bid. He’s not sure who those countries might be. And the president of Conmebol previously said they plan to bid for 2030. Is this guy just looking for some hush money? Not clear on the angle…

    • I am thinking he has probably thought the Qatar WC may not happen. If it does not and it’s cancellation is done late, there is little doubt FIFA would ask if the US would handle it, if no one else could. I think the US would probably agree and hand off the 2026 to Chile and SA.


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