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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Geoff Cameron

Photo by Isaiah J. Downing/USA Today Sports

U.S. Men’s National Team manager Bruce Arena turned plenty of heads when his starting XI was released on Sunday evening. One of the biggest alterations that stood out was a three-man back line featuring Geoff Cameron, Tim Ream and Omar Gonzalez.

Outside of one lapse in defending on the Mexico strike, which was created through a brilliant counter attack, the back three was impenetrable. Cameron was the man whose play stood out the most, especially in the second half as the defender earned honors as SBI USMNT Man of the Match.

Whenever Mexico charged forward into the box, the American back line stood firm, with Cameron making plenty of key interventions. Cameron’s final display of astute defending came in the 92nd minute, when he stood in front of a cross and knocked it out for a corner that didn’t produce anything for El Tri.

The performance from the Stoke City man was even more impressive considering he was one of four players left in the starting XI from Thursday’s win over Trinidad and Tobago. To play that well with that little rest at altitude is an incredible accomplishment, even for the best professionals.

In addition to Cameron’s standout night in defense, Ream and Gonzalez were solid as they committed few mistakes against a Mexico attack loaded with dangerous attackers.

Kellyn Acosta also showed well in a major spot, one normally reserved for Jermaine Jones next to Michael Bradley. Bradley scored one heck of a goal, and almost notched a second impressive winner.

What did you think of Cameron’s performance? Who stood out as your Man of the Match?

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  1. Cameron has become our most consistent player, and I have been calling for him to be captain for a year now. He has the right mentality and on field leadership this team needs sometimes. He played and organized well, and he should be our anchor going into Russia next year.

  2. MOTM – Cameron: Mos def. props to Tim Ream and Omar Gonzalez who were very effective.

    Bruce Arena has some sack on him to make seven changes! If Klinsman did that,….people would be losing their rags!

    Also,…very happy for Acosta, Arriola and Pulisic. Very difficult circumstances for these young men and they came through.

    Lastly,…good for Guzman. This will do wonders for his confidence.

  3. beachbum maybe next time if you lead off with your T&T fitness analysis and your MB analysis comment at the start then maybe you wouldn’t come off so off-putting to other people here but HEY what do i know keep trying it your way see how that works for ya.

  4. didn’t see the game but i love the good news and i love to hear rob dog, Dennis and nate dollars talk about it.

  5. MB was MOTM in the T&T game, and utilized now with a coach that believes in him, and one who provides balance to his strengths, paid a big reward tonight, in Azteca. That was a World Class finish USA fans can rejoice in and almost had another

    • No way was MB MOTM in the T&T game. He was average at best, Pulisic and Nagbe had very good games. When he brings the energy (last night in Azteca) he is still very good, but when he is going through the motions (Venezuela and T&T) he is not bringing what we need from him.

  6. just a nitpick: sometimes it’s a tossup whether a formation uses a 3-man or 5-man backline (this year’s chelsea comes to mind) because, you know, players move around. this one was absolutely 5-man, which is why i think it worked–it mitigated the limited mobility of gonzo and ream and made use of their height in the center.

    in any case, i thought motm was between cameron and bradley.

      • @beachbum

        and you’ve always seemed like a decent poster to me, so an honest response: the discussion of tactics has diminished on this site, but frankly that’s never been its forte; this has always been a glorified usmnt/mls gossip site.

        i mean if you’re having a bad day, go ahead, vent on the internet, whatever. but two cents (below) is right: if you just posted your analysis first, it would’ve saved you time, and might’ve actually started a good discussion.

      • Oh I agree dude.. used to be a lot more good analysis and discussion here. Better than most of the hack writers covering soccer in the US

      • insight the internet on what happened tonight with your perspective, please…or be so tough behind your keyboard CO my man. that is the challenge…can you? I already have

      • as are you…cheers
        still nothing from you…those here for the past decade+ know me CO…bring some insight on the game tonight CO or say sh!t about me

        want insight? explain usage of entire roster with tactics to fit personnel over last 2 qualis. You do not need a special coaching license to do it either

        hint would be to watch Pulisic in the tape

      • So you want me to do none of what you have done? I’ll pass. I am just here to point out the stupidity of your comments on here.

      • T&T fades 2nd half, not the most fit, and at altitude Arena played a game to get US to second half and wear down opponent while saving others for another altitude test in Azteca a few days later. could have backfired, didn’t…but that’s what he did. much misdirected ado about USA tactics first half vs. T&T

    • Since your post directly followed mine, I wonder if you 1) were responding to mine, 2) have some actual criticism of it 3) or you just want us to all know that you are a soccer genius without risking telling us what you thought 4) or are yiu just offering the opinion that this everyone else posting here is effing dumb.

  7. Bruce Arena put his players in positions to thwart what Mexico tries to do. Osario likes his team to play diagonal balls into the corners and then cross or dribble into the box.

    With the 4 midfielders plus Pulisic the US was setup to pressure the midfield and make the service into the corners more difficult. Yedlin and Beasley had the speed to get back and defend in the corners and mostly kept the Mexican wide attackers under control as they were mostly unable to dribble into the box and the 3 CBs were there to defend any corners or help out when Beasley or Yedlin cgot beat.

    Wood and Arriola did not provide as much as I am sure Arena hoped, but they did make some trouble from time-to-time.

    Overall, it was a great game plan and it played out well.

  8. The trolls always,against Usa and defendin mexico. before the game manny fans said that the
    tri,woul win 3-0,2-0,or 4-1 jejejejejej,Usa got a point and is his road to rusia.
    The fan weren´t happy whit the tri whit the 1-1,and Michael Bradley always damage México wiht
    a goal,and almost scored another,well for Cameron The young are doing it better very well

      • He’s not as good as we all love and remember because he hasn’t been played as a box to box mid since his dad’s days in charge. The move to permanent number six doesn’t suit him. He’s at his best when he can get forward and create. Other than perhaps Reyna, he’s the closest thing to Scholes or Gerrard we’ve ever produced.

    • ???? How do you measure the “red white and blue through and through”? How much less “red white and blue through and through” are Bradley and the other players?? ?

    • Just messing with you. The Captain doesn’t need to be the best player. I’m sure Bradley is Captain for a good reason.

    • I like how Acosta held down the center of the field and worked well with MB. Really helped our shape and kept us organized. For me, he was just behind Geoff and MB for MOTM consideration. Glad to see him get a shot there instead of LB.

      • Or we win 2-0 if woods doesn’t whiff. He was not the only center mid or back that didn’t cover on that play.

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