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USMNT vs. Mexico: Your Live Commentary

Bruce Arena vowed there would be changes to the U.S. Men’s National Team lineup, and there definitely are. In fact, Arena made seven switches from Thursday’s squad that knocked off Trinidad and Tobago 2-0.

Christian Pulisic, Michael Bradley, Geoff Cameron and DeAndre Yedlin are the only holdovers from the home victory on Thursday night. Brad Guzan steps into goal for Tim Howard and a back three of center backs Tim Ream, Omar Gonzalez and Cameron highlights what looks to be a 3-4-3 formation that may switch to a back five when the USMNT defends.

The USMNT doesn’t have to win, or even draw, at the Estadio Azteca against its biggest rival, but Arena’s squad is expected to be competitive while seeking revenge for the loss in Columbus to open the Hexagonal round of World Cup qualifying.

The SBI staff will be offering updates and analysis in the comments section below, so feel free to follow along, and as always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. If Omar Gonzalez could connect solidly on one of those free headers then this could be 2 for USA. Also Bobby Wood needed to make solid contact on that scramble in the box. Dempsey would have punished that calamity with his technique. Not liking our left side with Beasley stranded on his own since Pulisic provides no support on defense down that flank. Nagbe needs to be incorporated in the second half. I’d take out Pulisic or Arriola for Nagbe. Sadly it does not look like the boy wonder is fully fit for this match. I could be wrong but his touch hasn’t been great like usual.

  2. Most of you a crying about calls but aren’t addressing the real problem…..u.s is a mid table team when it come to skill set. I am not a U.S or Mexico fan the only love I have is Chivas live and die for rebaño.

  3. Good half for us. Mexico should have been yellow-carded three times before Yedlin got his, which wasn’t a yellow BTW.

    • Yedlin tackle was borderline for the height perhaps. And the fact that it was a terrible lacsidaisical flail lol. Add in, I guess, the recent other challenges and I can at least see his angle. Perhaps overly strict but I’ve seen worse calls.

      On a side note, I really wish Bobby wood had converted that chance right before they countered and scored. WWJD?

  4. Feel free to toss in some comments/criticism during the halftime break. What were your takeaways from that first half?

    • Wood screwed us on that miss. Two goal switch. He should have put that away to make it 2-0 but instead he misses and Mexico counters and ties it. So frustrating!! That’s my first half takeaway. Big game like this and you are the underdog you have to take those chances.

  5. My conspiracy theory:

    While yedlin was injured at Newcastle he read too many articles that gave him praise; he plays as if he thinks he can do no wrong–like he’s on some sort of EPL all-season XI….. I liked the hungry, wanting-to-learn, almost timid Yedlin better. Looks like Willy Beaman after becoming a star…

  6. Marcos Fabian steps on a landmine. Nearly loses his leg. Back on the pitch within 4 minutes. Oh, right. He feigned the injury to help his defense get recovered. Don’t ever change, Mexico.

    Forever scumbags.

  7. Just a reminder: It’s a CONCACAF match. The US will always get screwed on 50/50 calls by referees.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  8. All you want is a fair competition,….but we are no going to get one. Foul on Beasley should have been. Yellow. Foul on Wood should have been a red. Sad.

    • Central midfield alongside Bradley. Will probably have a little more license to roam than Bradley, although that goalazo says otherwise.

      • GOLAZO MICHAEL BRADLEY! My goodness what a chip. Ochoa off his line and Bradley absolutely places one. Incredible start, even better goal.

      • 18′ Free kick for the U.S. after a hard foul on Beasley. Ball in from Acosta finds Gonzalez, but he’s offside.

      • 21′ Chance for Chicharito, but it’s cleared away. The Mexican striker stays down, but is back up for the corner, which is cleared away.

      • 23′ GOAL VELA! Quick counter attack from Mexico is spurred on by Chicharito, but it’s Vela who fires home. Darts across the top of the box before firing to the lower corner, beating Guzan to level the score at one apiece.

      • Fabian is down and is being carted off. Mexico needs to make a second sub just 35 minutes in.

      • 39′ Chance for Omar Gonzalez. Ochoa gets caught up and Gonzalez has a free header, but he just misses it.

      • HALFTIME: Bradley’s stunning opener canceled out by Vela’s finish. VERY physical first half, but the U.S. had their moments. Interested to see how Arena and Osorio handle substitutions now.

  9. Now where are all the people who say this isn’t a time for experimenting? Excuses: short turn around, altitude, got 3 points against T&T, probably weren’t going to win anyway and this isn’t a must win. If JK put this lineup out there people would be going insane.

    • some people go insane no matter what. i was a huge klinsmann critic, but i wouldn’t have much of a problem with this lineup from him for this game. we’re not expected to win–or even draw, really–and we don’t need to, as long as we get the points we need at home.

      pulisic’s prediction was admirable, but the most i’m hoping for from this game was no injuries/reds; anything else is a bonus.

    • Villafana was GASSED as Thursday’s match wore down. Altitude does that to ya. Would have been a helpful presence, but it’s tough to get back to full fitness on such short rest. Beasley is fresh and he’s played in one or two of these games before.

      • He was gassed 15 minutes in, he needs to show something next appearance or risk going to the back of the line.

  10. My matchup to watch? Lozano vs. Beasley/Ream. Beasley still quick despite his age, but Ream certainly isn’t. Lozano, meanwhile, rapidly turning into one of the more electric players in CONCACAF. Fabian vs. Bradley should also be fun.

    • Always very hard to out-possess Mexico. Almost impossible on three days rest. Weapons and speed are there to counter. Arriola a surprise to start, but he could be key.

  11. So if we are down 1-0 in second half, what changes are made to make us more offensive. I’m assuming a ticked off Dempsey, but else?

    Why the keeper change? Is Howard hurt?

    • Plenty of options. Dempsey for creativity or Altidore for hold-up play. Johnson off the bench isn’t bad either, even if he hasn’t been playing well.

      As for the goalkeeper change, definitely a big surprise, but Guzan did play well there in the 0-0 draw back in 2014.

  12. Hello all and welcome to tonight’s live chat. Certainly some surprises in the lineup with the seven changes. Definitely needed the fresh legs and think the five-at-the-back was the way to go. Interested to see how the midfield takes shape and how much wiggle room Yedlin/Beasley have to do what they do best.

    What does everyone expect from this XI? Any comments/criticisms?

    Feel free to shoot some comments/questions our way during the buildup to kickoff and throughout tonight’s match

  13. Without seeing data proving, I’m safely assuming we have our two slowest defenders in the backline against Mexico (Ream and Gonzalez). Arena has forgotten more soccer than I’ll ever know, so, in Arena we trust. Scary stuff with Hernandez poaching.

    With that said, let’s fucking get em’ USA. Dodge the batteries and secure a victory.

    In Pulisic We Trust


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