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Highlights: USMNT 3, Martinique 2


  1. No leadership in the midfield & Gonzalez never took control of the defense. Like Cameron in the Azteca.

    No excuse, USNT should won 3 or 4 to ZERO!

    Yet again, I blame USSF for this results. How come mexico had two more friendlies before Gold Cup & Qualifiers, in the USA, but USNT only 2. Stop defending & stop excuses of pre-season & etc….USNT was the ruler this region & should forever rule this region!

    • Agreed there was no real leadership on the field but you can’t blame USSF. We should be able to send out just about any combination of players in basically any formation and control the game, winning easily and honestly it should be by shutout. That did not happen and the players have only themselves to blame. As for the defense… Omar is Omar, you never know what you are going to get and its obvious our 4 outside backs are all on the same level – sub par.

    • I knew it was just a matter of time before you two ignorant knuckle draggers would find each other and bounced some idiotic posts back and forth.
      God Bless America and the internet!


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