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Matt Miazga to spend second season on loan with Vitesse

Matt Miazga will spend another season away from Chelsea FC, but he will return to a familiar club.

Chelsea announced on Friday that the U.S. National Team defender will go away to Vitesse Arnhem for a second loan spell in the Netherlands. Miazga was with Vitesse last year when he helped them win the Dutch Cup, their first ever major trophy.

With the loan, Miazga will take the pitch for the Dutch club this year when they compete in the Europa League. Miazga will no doubt be looking to use the loan spell as a spring board with less than a year remaining before the World Cup.

Miazga made 27 appearances for Vitesse in all competitions last year,  18 of them were starts. The 22-year-old is coming off a productive summer that saw him score his first international goal, a set piece header against Nicaragua in the Gold Cup group stage.


    • and??? This comment has no bearing on what Johnnyrazor was alluding to, especially when consider that he was born in England and has been with their youth set up for a few years. There is a good chance that he’ll be loaned when he is of age or god forbid he never suits up for the senior team either, it’s a hard team to get into for anyone!!!!

      • He has appereard for the USA youth teams a ton of times. His comment is that Chelsea do not develop players; but buys them.That is not always the case.Read what we both said. Kyle Scott views himself as American. He played in the international cup as a sub against intermilan yesterday, for the first team in Singapore. He also has been developed by Chelsea, and has been with them since youth. IIbet your are one of the xenophobic posters.Learn to comprehend before being a smart ass. You are mad, because I am right. I was not even talking to you, noone asked for your two cents.

      • @mysterious

        i think what johnnyrazor meant was that chelsea—with rare exception—does not develop players that make the first team in any meaningful capacity. obviously they develop players—they have an exceptional academy—but those players are sold to raise funds for top players.

        and i don’t think he was making a judgment in any case. (my opinion is that it’s a perfectly legitimate, and even prudent, business model to sign players principally as investments rather than performers.) he was just making the case that it’s not some huge failing on miazga’s part if, as a loaned player, he doesn’t make it at chelsea, because that’s most likely what chelsea expected all along.

  1. Miazga is another of those players (consider Adu) who lied about his birth certificate. Clearly, his last name is actually Franco, and he is brother to James and Dave.

  2. Probably for the best, familiarity with the team helps his chances of stepping right back into starting spot or significant playing time.

    • While those are the positives,, staying at Vitesse is a mistake. Normal progression at Chelsea is some time in an EPL or lower division FA club as a precursor to a future EPL roster spot.
      While Miazga will get playing time which is good, he wont get match experience in an FA club, which is bad.

      Lets face it. Miazga is at Vitesse because Abramovich wants to help out Vitesse owner, Aleksandr Tsjigirinski, a fellow Russian Oligarch and friend, with some surplus and new players from Chelsea.
      Unfortunately, while some see this as good for Miazga, it’s not. Miazga’s contract is up at the end of the ’18 season, so I expect if he is not resigned this summer, he will be sold, probably to Vitesse, but maybe to another club, but it’s doubtful, unless he re-signed, he is in Chelsea’s plans anymore.

      • Not making it at Chelsea doesn’t mean he can’t become a solid center back in a top league. Obviously they are completely different players but there was a time where Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne were told they couldn’t make it at Chelsea. Now look at them. Miazga still has a long career ahead of him and not making it at Chelsea shouldn’t be the be all end all.

      • I researched it last Summer, virtually no Chelsea players that have gone out on loan in the last 5 to 10 years ever play at Chelsea again. It just doesn’t happen, Chelsea does not develop players they buy them, it is just how they do business. The Dutch league is plenty good enough for his development and with its reputation as a development league, he will be better scouted than at say, Leeds.

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