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USMNT vs. Martinique: Live Commentary

After a frustrating performance against Panama, the U.S. Men’s National Team has a chance at a little redemption against a very different opponent on Wednesday night.

The U.S. is set to take on Martinique on Saturday night in the second match of the Gold Cup group stage. Martinique took down in Nicaragua to leap to the top of the group, but the USMNT enters as a strong favorite to push towards the top of the group.

Only three players remain in the starting XI as Omar Gonzalez, Kellyn Acosta and Brad Guzan begin the match on the field. Joining them is newcomer Cristian Roldan, who is set for his USMNT debut.

The SBI staff will be offering updates and analysis in the comments section below, so feel free to follow along, and as always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Signing out for now so I can get to writing. Lots of fun talking to everyone. Be sure to check up on SBI throughout the night and tomorrow morning for plenty of USMNT coverage.

    • Definitely not the audition he was looking for, but too soon to write him off. He’s playing deeper than he’d like in this system. Tough debut, but give it time.

    • nah; just like with klinsmann, arena was hired for a specific goal. klinsmann’s was to get us to the next level; arena’s is simply to get us to the world cup.

      • Could have lost this game 18-0 and he’d be fine. At the end of the day, a B-Team Gold Cup isn’t going to change Arena’s trajectory either way. This whole exercise is all about finding 3-4 guys to compete for a World Cup and maybe finding 3-4 guys to build up for his successor.

  2. Anyone know what the ticket price is for a group stage game? Not a lot of people there, I know the weather was questionable, and the opponent not attractive.

  3. arena won’t do it, but if we’re really trying to win the group, both zardes and morris should be subbed at half. morris has been invisible, and zardes has just been incredibly wasteful.

    • Would definitely expect Morris to stay. He’s had two chances, and he missed them, but he didn’t receive much service after that. Ideally, I think the USMNT brings in a No. 10 and switches things up that way for a bit.

      • yeah, i’d be shocked if arena pulled morris at this point; and i admit i missed the first 15 minutes, so morris may have looked better then. that said, i’d still pull zardes for corona.

      • Zardes a contender to come out for me as well. Killed far too many attacks, but you can also spin it that he’s been involved in plenty of USMNT attacks. Think a more technical player would be helpful, though.

      • Think Corona would be a good addition. Could also use the chance to prove himself again after struggling last game.

  4. I hope the young kids in Europe get some first team mins cuz the majority of these players don’t look promising

    • Could obviously be another Julian Green situation but, all things considered, the one with the best chance is Carter-Vickers. If he gets in the Tottenham first team consistently, could definitely vault into the CB situation. Not sure if we’re counting Horvath, but if we are, he’s probably the best bet to push for that third GK position.

      Other than that, might be too much ground for some of these younger guys to makeup. McKennie at Schalke if he can get going with the first team.

  5. Rough half for the USMNT. Think Acosta has done okay. Arriola could have done better, but was one of the more active attackers. Liked Lichaj’s game while Zardes’ struggled a bit. That said, expect changes soon. No cohesion from midfield to the attack as there’s no real link.

    Who do you want to see get involved in the second half? Who do you want off?

    • Think I’ve seen seen about enough of Roldan in a US shirt for one lifetime. Then again, I’m not sure I saw him at all in the first 45….

  6. Tough half to watch. Hedges and Morrow were disappointing and Zardes may look good against Martinique but can’t compete against top international competition.

    • I am not sure why anyone is surprised. This roster has no true #10 and once again the US brings out the empty bucket with two deep midfielders. As per usual we are having trouble connecting the midfield with the forward line. This formation worked when Dempsey and Donovan were the wing players, Arriola and Zardes are not those two. Bruce wagered we could get out of this group without a creator in the middle, but I’m not sure who is on the prelim roster that can play that role either unless Pulsic is cleared to return.

  7. This is getting embarrassing. Bunch of exhausted dudes with concrete shoes on. Martinique has probably had all three of the best chances.

    • Gotta give Dwyer a rest at some point. Morris deserving of another shot. Should get plenty of looks, in theory.

      • for sure, I meant in terms of who should be higher on the depth chart. I understand Morris playing this game and I support that. Barring a drop in his form and talent, Dwyer should be right after Duece, Jozy and Wood; with Wood being his next target should he progress, etc

      • If we were to rank right now, think Dwyer has pushed up into that fourth spot. Jozy top, then Wood, then Dempsey. Morris just hasn’t been in good form this season. To be fair, Dwyer hasn’t either, but he has the USMNT goals on the resume. This is Morris’ chance and, thus far, he’s missed twice.

  8. Random Question: Can you change numbers during the competition? Just thought about this if Arena calls in another wave of players after the Group Stage, seeing Roldan wearing Altidore’s number.

      • 11′ Morris just wide once again. Header from a free kick is just a foot or two past the post.

      • 32′ Martinique off the post! Closest chance of the day and it goes to Martinique, who hasn’t done much until this point. Hedges gets beat on the sequence and the U.S. loses a runner inside the box. Pretty fortunate.

      • 44′ Save Guzan! Martinique has created SEVERAL chances. USMNT simply not playing well, and Martinique could certainly have a goal or two.

      • HALFTIME: Not a good half for the USMNT. Very sloppy and it’s 0-0 headed to the locker room.

      • OFF THE BAR! Inches away as Arriola’s shot from inside the six smashes off the bar. Rough miss. Have to put that in.

      • CHANCE FOR ARRIOLA! Gets to a loose ball but his shot to the near post doesn’t do much besides generate a corner kick.

      • GOAL GONZALEZ! Arriola RIPS one from deep and it’s parried right to Gonzalez, who taps it home from close range. USMNT can exhale a bit.

      • 64′ GOAL MORRIS and now you can fully exhale. Good work out wide from Eric Lichaj, who darts out to the right to get on the end of a pass from Bedoya. Lichaj whips it to Morris, who fires first time for the goal. Great stuff and it’s 2-0.

      • 66′ GOAL MARTINIQUE! Parsemain gets one back IMMEDIATELY. Fires one from range and it sneaks under Guzan, who should have saved it.

      • Bedoya JUST high. Great chance for the Union midfielder but he skies it. Pontius now coming on for Arriola.

      • 75′ GOAL MARTINIQUE! Initial shot is blocked away by Guzan but a deflection leaves him helpless as Martinique levels it at two apiece.

      • 76′ GOAL MORRIS! And there goes the tie. Morris fires home a Zardes cross for his second of the night. Can they exhale again or nah?

  9. Great opportunity for Lichaj to start making a case for his plane ticket to Russia. There’s very little standing in front of him on either side of the pitch.

    • Absolutely. Given Villafana’s recent struggles, definitely plenty up for grabs. Yedlin is penciled in at RB and Zusi is probably pretty locked in as a backup at this point, but LB is VERY up in the air.

      • Interesting take.

        I know versatility is paramount in the World Cup with 23 players. Even acknowledging Arena is hellbent on trumpeting the MLS banner, but I don’t feel comfortable with Zusi playing a match or two at rightback within the World Cup.

        Conversely, I think Lichaj’s ability to play both fullback positions offers verstality, too. All that’s left is Lichaj proving it – starting tonight against inferior competition.

      • Still obviously contenders at RB. Chandler always in the mix, obviously. Garza/Ream in on that left back spot. At this point, Beasley may play in four more World Cups. There’s plenty of depth on both sides but, at this point, Yedlin is the only one truly locked in.

      • Also of note, if I recall correctly Lichaj has an outstanding throw-in, too. An underrated/overlooked weapon at times.

      • If Lichaj can’t outplay Zusi at right back, his preferred position, I’m not sure how much he can offer at LB.

      • Definitely. Glad Lichaj is getting his chance after so many years in the cold. Club performances should merit a WC spot, but the same could be said of Timmy Chandler. Gotta show it over the next few months.

  10. Happy to see the new blood, but wondering where the creativity will come from. I’m guessing Arriola in this lineup. Good to see Roldan partnered with Acosta though.

    • Arriola definitely has it in him. Agudelo should be big as well, and don’t write out Acosta bombing forward.

  11. Hey all. Plenty of rotation as expected tonight. Roldan obviously the most intriguing starter. Interested to see how Acosta bounces back.

    What are you looking for tonight? Any bold predictions?

      • Arena said he was impressed after the Ghana game and said he expects him to play. My thoughts? Probably gets in the last game and then maybe heads back to England to sort out his club future.

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