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USMNT vs. Panama: Live Commentary

The U.S. Men’s National Team is set to open up its Gold Cup run with a matchup against a familiar foe.

Panama serves as the USMNT’s first Gold Cup opponent, and Los Canaleros will likely be the team’s toughest test of the group stage. The two teams have met up several times throughout the past several years, including in World Cup qualifying. However, Panama’s third-place match win over the USMNT from the 2015 Gold Cup still looms large.

If the USMNT lineup looks familiar, it’s because, by and large, it is. ┬áThe group features just two changes from last Saturday’s match against Ghana as Alejandro Bedoya and Omar Gonzalez replace Paul Arriola and Matt Hedges in the USMNT squad.

The SBI staff will be offering updates and analysis in the comments section below, so feel free to follow along, and as always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Joe Benny is considered a midfielder but he played a forward’s position today. Bruce went with 2 up top, just not a flat 2. perhaps the choice of Joe Benny doesn’t sit well, but Arena essentially played with 2 strikers

  2. US defense was woeful. Only Omar avoided embarrassing himself back there. It could have easily been 3-1 Panama. And I will say it once again. Playing at home the US should have two strikers in the game. We really needed a speed guy to try and get behind the Panamanian defense and keep their defenders honest. And too often US defense was much too slow in getting back, leaving Panama with a lot of attacking chances. If Bruce really wants to win this thing, he needs to bring in Brooks, Cameron and Yedlin in for the knockout games.

    • he and Acosta disappeared in midfield for most of the second half. I wish we would foul opposing team’s midfielder’s from behind hard in the middle third too

  3. Panama’s tactics of fouling US midfielders hard from behind, something we do not do, is paying dividends seems to me as guys are more reluctant to show hard for the ball. Acosta is good but his spine is being tested right now

  4. Disappointing first half. Too many times the US lost the ball because a player held on to it for too long; some bad decision making, and a general lack of sharpness. Panama looks to be the better team. Maybe we should hire the Panamanian coach since he seems to have them playing so well as a unit.

  5. This team is struggling as of now after the group stage they will need to reinforce with the 7 substitutions…what a snoozefest

    • So far, a positive performance in that regard. Definitely had his tough moments defensively but has been a key cog in the attack. Going to have to pick and choose a bit with him but, in a tournament like this, he’s an asset.

    • agreed, but Zusi a bigger problem, although he’s done some nice things he does not close down space well and gives up shots and crosses way too easy

    • 5′ Shot on goal from Rowe is the first USMNT chance. Seconds later, Acosta’s cross tests the Panama defense but it’s cleared away. Solid start for the U.S.

      • 20′ USMNT able to generate a bit via the set piece, but Panama clears away the corner kick.

      • 27′ SAVE CALDERON! Rowe with an open look on goal but Calderon parries it away. Third save for the Panama goalkeeper. On the other end, Guzan gets a touch to a Camargo shot as both teams get good looks in a matter of seconds.

      • 30′ Little water break. Rowe has looked good so far. Corona has had moments. Gonzalez has looked good in defense but, really, little between the two team so far.

      • HALFTIME: One last chance goes just wide for Panama and it’s halftime. Far from exciting so far. Not much going on for either team. Decent efforts from Zusi, Rowe, Acosta but really not much to write home about so far for either side.

      • GOAL DWYER! Just four minutes into the second half, it’s Dwyer who gives the USMNT the lead. Cross in from Rowe is hopeful, and it rolls righ tot Dwyer, who taps it into the corner. 1-0 to the USMNT as Dwyer scores his second in as many matches.

      • SAVE GUZAN! Torres heads it and Guzan makes the save. Somehow, the rebound is fired over the bar from just feet away. Incredible miss from Panama. Should be 1-1.

      • GOAL PANAMA! Dominant since the USMNT goal and they get a deserved equalizer. Guzan with another big save. Gets his hand to the rebound from Camargo, but he can’t keep it out. Rough sequence from Rowe, Zusi, Acosta.

      • 83′ Legitimate penalty shout for the USMNT as Bedoya goes down just inside the box but the ref rules to play on.

      • FINAL: A 1-1 draw for the USMNT. ROUGH defensive performance but solid efforts from Rowe, Guzan, Dwyer. Panama probably the better team. What were your takeaways?

  6. Welcome to today’s Live Commentary everyone. A very straight-forward lineup from Arena with just two changes. Interested in how that midfield unit of McCarty/Acosta does this time around.

    Kickoff coming soon, but before we start, any predictions/questions/pregame comments?

    • My prediction? I see a 2-1 win for the USMNT. Panama always a challenging opponent, and they’ll definitely give the USMNT a good run. If that front four can combine well, especially Corona and Dwyer, the U.S. can get some goals.


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