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‘Big chance’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s next step is MLS

The dream of having Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Major League Soccer is on hold after he re-upped with Manchester United this week, but that doesn’t mean the dream is dead yet.

Ibrahimovic, who was heavily linked with the LA Galaxy in past months, admitted there’s still a chance he ends up in North America at some point.

“I think there is a big chance of me going to the MLS,” Ibrahimovic told ESPN FC. “But like I said, I’m not done yet. I go back to United to finish what I started, but after that, I think MLS can be in the picture. But let’s see what happens.”

Ibrahimovic is 35 and has played at most of the world’s biggest clubs, including Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, AC Milan and Manchester United. And despite having other offers out there, he chose United for another season.

“We had couple of teams interested,” Ibrahimovic said. “I mean there was couple of teams reaching out, wanted ‘Ibra-kadabra’ in their team, but I had such a great year with United.”

Although it didn’t work out this time, the hunt for Ibrahimovic will continue, especially as more MLS clubs look to splash the cash on big names, and even if he is one of the older stars of the game, the Swedish international would be welcome if he chooses MLS at some point.


  1. I know people are tired of the “retirement league” signings. In general I agree, but this Zlatan is the exception to this rule. The obvious is he is a major international superstar. The league wants money and international recognition and this player will bring it.
    Secondly, he was still playing at a very high level before the injury. If he can come back from the ACL properly, he will be one of the best players in the league easily. He was one of the best strikers in the premier league only 6 months ago.
    Villa is killing it for NYCFC at 35 and there isn’t a team in MLS who wouldn’t love to have him. There is no reason I see that Zlatan couldn’t do the same next season.

  2. 35 and would be 36 or 37 after this deal is done. Please move on LA not worth the money, you could pay 4-5 high quality South Americas to bolster your squad for what he would demand in wages.

    No MLS golden retirement package for Zlatan. He had his chance to come here when he still had some legs left and thats time is over, move on.

    • He scored 28 goals last year. As long as the injury didn’t take too much out of him I’d say he would still be a solid player for some time to come.


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