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Giovinco’s agent: ‘Absurd’ TFC forward hasn’t earned Italy call-ups

For Andrea D’Amico, Sebastian Giovinco’s agent, the fact that Toronto FC’s talisman is yet again absent from the Italian national team list ahead of the Azzurri’s matches against Israel and Spain is “absurd.”

Following his absence Giampiero Ventura’s list, Giovinco continued to make his statement with another genius match as his brace led Toronto over the Montreal Impact, 3-1.

Performances of that caliber are routine for “The Atomic Ant”, who is currently this season’s fourth-leading goalscorer with 15 goals in 22 games, and during his three season with the Canadian side, the Italian has already become the club’s all-time leading scorer with 63 goals in only 97 appearances.

“It’s true that things are going great, but Giovinco isn’t a novelty,” D’Amico told Tuttomercatoweb. “He’s scored over 60 goals in the last two-and-a-half years, an extraordinary return no matter what the competition is.

“Why doesn’t he get called for Italy? I find it absurd. It’s a shame that a player with his skill, with his characteristics and his eye for goal isn’t called,” D’Amico added. “Giovinco knows how to score in every way, even from free-kicks, he’s a starter for his club and an absolute star in MLS. I don’t understand why players on the bench for Italian teams are getting called-up instead, but sadly the story is always the same lately.”


  1. Italy plays with a lone striker, that’s not really the Atomic Ants game. Belotti and Immobile both had over 20 goals last season in Serie A. Which by the way is ranked the 4th best league in the world despite Quozzel’s delusions that Liga MX is just as good.

    • Thank you! I am not an Azzurri or a serie A fan (although I still watch certain games), but some of the statements here are illogical. Is there an anti-MLS bias? Yes, but he may not be the best example. Gio was a fringe national team player at his peak. Should he be in their 23 in my opinion? Porbably not at 30/31. Should be be in their top 40 pool…probably. Either way, EVERY coach has favorites at every level.

      • 2nd, he has 1 national team goal in his Azzurri experience. Italy play with 1 striker and Gabbiadini,
        Bernardeschi, Belotti (scored 26 in Serie A with Torino) and Immobile (scored 23 in Serie A with Lazio) are all better AND YOUNGER!

  2. Quite a few MLS’ers were called up by European sides this time around. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that trend keep growing.

    Italy though, has always had a stick up their butt about leagues not named Serie A, especially those farther away geographically.

    • I think the wane of Serie A has a lot to do with it. Every time I watch Serie A matches these days I’m struck by two things – how few fans are in their aging, ill-built stadium stands and how slow the product on the field is compared to the Bundesliga, La Liga, or the Prem. They’re dropping off; they know it…they’re a fading superpower sort of maintaining their pretensions of greatness and one of the ways they do that is to demonstrate their disdain for the uppity New Money…particularly the USA.

      Fact is, MLS has pulled dead-even with Serie A in terms of attendance and has narrowed the gap substantially in terms of quality. Are Serie A teams any better than Mexican teams nowadays? Juve, certainly, the rest…I dunno. Serie A teams are definitely not what they were, whatever.

  3. It’s pretty simple really: Move to a good league and the calls will come.
    He knew this before he signed with MLS. No right to complain now.

  4. He’s an amazing player! The question must be asked if being in the MLS is hurting him reputationally. It’s. It right but I suspect it’s reality. The next question is if he is that good ( which I believe he is) why is playing here in the states and not in Europe?

  5. You don’t lie. And it’s not like Italy has an embarrassment of riches at forward. Seems odd that he doesn’t even get an invite, even if ends being an unused sub.


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