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Hamburg investor refused to provide transfer funds unless club signed Bobby Wood long-term

Hamburg investor Klaus-Michael Kuhne has a very high opinion of Bobby Wood, and the U.S. Men’s National Team star’s presence had a major effect on the club’s transfer dealings this summer.

Kuhne said he informed club executives that he would refuse to provide money to finalize the transfer of forward Andre Hahn unless the club made sure to lock up Wood long-term. The U.S. Men’s National Team striker was the club’s leading goalscorer in 2016-17, scoring nine goals in all competitions before drawing interest from club’s abroad.

“I did not give the club any more for it,” Kuhne said, according to Kicker, “but I advised them to prolong [Wood’s] contract and said I’d only finance Andre Hahn if they were to keep Wood.

Wood finalized a new deal with the club earlier this summer and, less than a week later, Hahn was unveiled as the club’s big signing.

“I knew that many other teams were chasing both Wood and Hahn,” Kuhne added. “I knew that HSV needed to act quickly. But the club was not capable of doing so, and so I acted.”

Wood started Hamburg’s first match of the season, a 1-0 win over 1-0 win over Augsburg. Wood and co. return to action this weekend against FC Koln.


  1. It’s not that the investor wants to keep wood necessarily. He just wants to make sure the team makes money when he leaves.

    • Either way, he still sees Wood as a valuable player. The value can be realized by having Wood play for the HSV or by selling him to another club.

  2. After watching last year’s Hamburg extended highlights, I noticed that Bobby Wood gives it his all with the team, and when he’s in he is a major factor for the offense. As well, every goal I remember he created on his own. For that reason, I was very disappointed in his whif against Mexico.

  3. This is pretty remarkable for an American player to be so valued in a top European league. But, it’s only a matter of time until Pulisic achieves and surpasses that status.

      • I love when fans bandwagon on a player’s career.

        Pulisic did NOT have that status 2 years ago. 2 years ago 90% of fans didn’t even know who pulisic was.

        For reference, 2 years ago pulisic was a u19 prospect in preseason camp. He didn’t even debut for 1st team until January 2016, 18 months ago. He didn’t show his talents until April 2016, 14 months ago(not 2 years).

        I only post this because, as someone who has followed his career since BEFORE he was starting for BVB, it’s annoying to see fans claim they were ‘day 1 supporters of him’ especially when they reference incorrect timelines. Sad when casual fans pose as pundits to express how they “knew when I first saw him 2 years ago that he’d be world class”…… no, no you didn’t. U learned about him a year ago.

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