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Julian Green loaned to 2. Bundesliga side SpVgg Greuther Furth

The saga of the intrepid Julian Green continues.

The Stuttgart and U.S. Men’s National Team forward is going to spend the 2017-18 season on loan with 2. Bundesliga side SpVgg Greuther Furth.

Green began his career in the Bayern Munich system, where he made all of one senior team appearance before being loaned out to Hamburg. He was sold off to Stuttgart last winter, where he proceeded to score once in ten total appearances. In total, the move to SpVgg Greuther Furth will see Green join his fourth club in three years.

His national team career has been slightly less tumultuous. He made his debut in the 2014 World Cup and promptly scored within minutes of coming on, becoming the youngest player ever to score for the USMNT. He has three international goals in total.

He now heads off to a Greuther Furth side that has bounced between the first, second, and third divisions over the past decade, hoping to earn some much-needed playing time.


  1. Soccer is not 100% based off of skill and technical ability alone, but also the “right place at the right time…”

    As a player if you miss that “sweet spot” which involves: Quality of players around you, the need for your PARTICULAR skill set on that team, the technical bias or favorability of the coach etc, then your career could end up spiraling out of control……and I hope that this doesn’t happen to Julian Green.

    Few USMNT players have played at his level or scored at his level or played with the type of quality he has played with around him, yet right when he walked away from Bayern Munich to find more playing time, his world came crashing down and now is struggling with Bundesliga 2 teams

    And believe it or not ……it doesn’t help that The legendary Landon Donovan (one of the best USMNT players ever), after everything he did for soccer in this country got screwed over going to a world cup for Green by no other than Klinmann (FYI, Bruce Arena CRIED when LD retired!!!! That’s how close they are……) …..has his “Daddy/Coach/Mentor” as the new the coach for the USMNT.

    In other words if he doesn’t perform he will not be called up to the USMNT, regardless of talent (as we all know he is BETTER at his craft than Altidore, Morris, Wondow, Agudelo, Dwyer etc. as none of these forwards could break into even the starting pre-season line-up for Bayern Munich….not one)

    • Bizzy we don’t actually know if he’s better than the players you mentioned or not. He has shown in brief glimpses that he could be, but three different clubs given months with him have said no he isn’t good enough. I hope he’s successful, I want him to play well, but he has to prove he can do it over the course of a season at a level above the German 4th division.

  2. Actually think Julian Green is our second most-promising U23 guy besides Pulisic and those giving up on him or throwing up their hands are being kinda impatient.

    He has it all. Touch, vision, creativity, a nose for goal, and he’s a natural scorer. He’s fast – deceptively so, he just glides – and has a sense for the channels and runs he has to make. You wish he had a little more lead in his butt and a little more will to go box-to-box because I like his build and skillset a little better as a winger than a center forward, but that stuff tends to get hammered into you in Germany one way or another.

    I’d personally put him on the plane to Russia as our #2 left wing behind Nagbe, push Fabian over to the right, and let Gyasi Zardes and Alejandro Bedoya fight it out for the backup right wing spot. I think he’s probably more a situational guy at this point but he’s still got game-changer potential.

    Have all the haters really watched the way this kid can score?

  3. They are only three points out of safety and finished 8th last season, so I’m not sure their first four matches means they are destined for relegation battle all season. If he actually plays consistent minutes it’s a good move.

    • I do hope, but thats all Green is now. He’s got talent, but has not proven to be an effective professional player yet. If he is unable to get a starting role in the 2. bundisliga at this point he probably just doesn’t have what it takes.

  4. Oh boy!! Furth has lost their first 4 games and is bottom of the table. They probably suck and will be in a relegation battle all season until they are eventually relegated.

    On the positive side, Green should be able to walk into the starting line-up after a couple weeks of practice and finally get some consistent playing time. If he doesn’t then.. Oh Boy!!

    • I’d have a more absolute concern if it was a sale, but it was a loan, if Furth goes into further freefall they just grab him back, he can escape.

      The relative concern I’d have is that teams fighting relegation often get desperate and short termist, which makes it likely he would get an opportunity to play, but also raises the chances that if he doesn’t pay immediate dividends they try someone else.

      • I understand that idea. But they are the bottom team in the second divivosn. Who exactly could they try next if Green doesn’t start scoring immediately?

      • Couple things. I’d forgotten it’s early season for B.2. So as the other guy says all the “doomed to relegation” talk is premature. One win to safety, two to midtable. If they’re in this spot 10 games from now, yeah, that’s a problem.

        Second, I think the toughest places for young players are top clubs and relegation teams. You are more likely to play at a relegation team but they are also likely to change coaches with personnel preferences, and to jerk players off the field the first off game you have or cycle through the roster looking for something. It presents an opportunity but not a very stable one unless you shine.

      • I mean thats just the way the professional game works. You cannot get by on talent alone like in the youth ranks. Production and consistency are the key attributes to a pro player. This should be a good move for him though. A relegation battle can often bring out the best in a player, so hopefully thats the case with Green. I hope we can see him nail down a role at the club level and get him back in the national team mix next cycle. Unless he starts blowing up playing from the wings I don’t see a clear path for him for Russia.

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