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NASL’s Orange County-based expansion team to be called California United

The North American Soccer League’s Orange County based expansion team will be called California United FC, according to the club’s website. The franchise was awarded back in early May and had filed a trademark claim for the name shortly thereafter.

They’ve also launched their official Twitter account:


The team will begin play in the 2018 spring season and play its home games at Titan Stadium o the campus of Cal State Fullerton, in Fullerton, California.

California United, along with an unnamed club in San Diego, will bring the second tier league up to ten teams in 2018, assuming the current crop stays on for next year. The U.S. Soccer Federation has informed the league they will need 12 teams to remain eligible for their provision D2 sanctioning. Other expansion rumors have swirled around Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit, but nothing concrete has come out of those stories.


  1. Can we STOP with this stupid United thing. Of course they are united, they are a team. That is the definition of a team. Every team is united.

    And apparently soon every team will be United.

  2. You have to wonder why the NASL didn’t opt for California Surf, especially in a nostalgia league with Cosmos and Rowdies.

  3. BOOORING! What happened with American Soccer teams being American, now all of them are trying to be European. The thing is if USA and the leagues want to be a world power the soccer in US has to have it’s own identity, non European names are a part of that identity. California United is just boring!

  4. Apparently this is what CU is saying about their name:

    “The word United is so common in the soccer world that it’s lost much of its meaning. But California United Football Club, one of the newest clubs in the NASL, has made it the watchword for their entire operation. The club, based in Orange Country, intends to tap into the massive grassroots fervor alive and thriving in Southern Cal.

    The aim is to exemplify the word United not just through performances on the field, but from the ground up – from scouting to player-relations, backroom operations, front office and fan base.”

    Such amazing corporate jargon/diarrhea I can’t believe it’s not the work of the onion. Can’t wait to circle back and see how this team does next year.


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