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Report: Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla skips Impact practice

Photo by Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports

Early Tuesday morning, there was a missing face in the Impact’s practice.

Highly-touted 18-year-old winger Balo Jean-Yves Tabla, was absence at the Nutriliat Center in stance against the team’s officials decision to reject a European bid for his services. According to the report, a source close to Tabla described that the winger is ‘deeply annoyed’ with the team’s conclusion.

His absence comes days after the Canadian youth international expressed his desire to depart to the old continent, which the club heavily opposes at the moment. Despite the hold up, Tabla’s contract with the Québécoise side is set to terminate at the end of the 2018 season.

Tabla has made 16 appearances and 10 starts for the club this season, scoring two goals along the way.


  1. Old School, do you still think this is normal behavior that you support from an 18-year old who has done nothing so far? It’s ok to be disappointed, but this is beyond ridiculous! To get far you need all things to line up – talent, luck, health, incredible mental strength, etc. But also the right attitude.

    I will be shocked if he ever develops into a star with this attitude. Doesn’t he have anyone around him to whip him into shape??

  2. Not surprising to see such immaturity from a kid whose name literally translates to “Puts his balls on the table through his pants”

  3. Well he is certainly showing his age and immaturity. That’s not going to help his case or help get him to Europe. No one wants to babysit a spoiled, immature kid. Balo Jean-Yves Tabla may not really be like that but that’s the perception he’s creating.

    • Happens all the time, and doesn’t mean he’s spoiled or immature necessarily. It’s no different than NFL players sitting out of preseason because they want a new contract. Odds are it was his agent that told him not to go train anyway. If he’s really getting the interest from teams like Chelsea as the rumors say you can’t blame him for wanting to leave.


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