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After making club debut, Julian Green looking to improve with Greuther Furth

Julian Green is certainly in need of a fresh start, and the American forward hopes to have found it with Greuther Furth.

The U.S. Men’s National Team winger made his debut for the club on Friday, playing all 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw with Dynamo Dresden. The draw sealed the club’s first points of the year, and provided Green’s return to the field after failing to find his way into the Stuttgart lineup.

It was a fairly impressive debut for the young winger, who was unlucky to see a goal disallowed during his 90-minute shift.

“It’s fun to be back on the pitch,” Green told the club’s website. “That was a really good feeling on Friday. I think it was okay for the beginning, but I want to improve, of course.”

Improvement is key for Green after several years in the relative wilderness. After breaking through at the 2014 World Cup, Green struggled to find a place at Bayern Munich. His exclusion at the German giant was somewhat excusable given the talent at the club, even if he showed fairly well during his limited preseason opportunities.

However, his other stints have been less impressive. A loan spell with Hamburg proved a disaster as Green failed to make any sort of mark with the first team. Green was sold to Stuttgart in January and made 10 2. Bundesliga appearances before being deemed surplus to requirements by the promoted club.

Now, his loan at Greuther Furth presents what could be a last chance to impress. He’s looking to impress club manager Damir Buric to finally lock down a consistent senior role and, thus far, he’s felt fairly comfortable at his new club.

“The impressions so far were very good,” Green said. “We have trained a lot with the ball and tried many different styles of play. It was great fun. The first units were very intense, but that is also important.”


  1. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what Rob said today. If he’s trolling blast away, but no one should be attacked after making reasonable comments.

  2. @Joe It’s rob. he is an idiot, you know that. We are still waiting to hear one of the stories of how a soccer player stole a girl he used to “date” (ogle over while in bed alone at night)

  3. If he couldn’t get playing time with any of his previous teams he has only himself to blame. He has been given every opportunity to grow and develop and he failed miserably. At least he finally found his level.

    • “Given every opporunity…”, really he never got a start or minute in league play with Bayern, yah its Bayern who rarely promotes youth so not the best situation. And 2 starts and 10 appearances for Stuttgart last year from Jan to May for a team that was fighting to win the league and promotion is hardly a failure. Loan to Hamburg was a disaster but that’s another story. I don’t get why so many US fans bash this guy so much, its like ya’ll love seeing our prospects fail. Doubt any of you have actually taken the time and effort to search for match highlights to see how he plays and what his tendencies are, you just like to parrot what you heard on some blog.
      Comments like this are why I have to write “don’t write this kid off yet”.

      • Nobody is writing him off. He’s where he belongs at this particular time considering his skills set and commitment to his craft. If he didn’t become a starter with his previous clubs it’s because he’s not good enough. If he’s better than his competition then he’ll get playing time, if he’s not he stays in the bench and eventually gets traded all the way to the second division. Like Isco said recently: ‘I’m not dumb, if I’m not starting under Zidane, Ancelotti, or Benitez it’s my fault”.

  4. I doubt anyone is writing him off just yet, everyone just needs to be patient and he just needs to keep his head down and work hard. I would reserve the same patience for the likes of McKennie, Wright, Johnny Gonzalez and other younger US players.

  5. I rate Green in case anyone hasn’t noticed here and glad he’s getting minutes, but he started out with starts and plenty of minutes at Stuttgart too. I’m just crossing my fingers that his starts and minutes continue. I still think his best position is up top with another forward to work with. According to Skysports’ lineup he started as a LM in a 4231 formation. Stuttgart hired Bayern’s assistant TD or something like that over the summer to be their new TD so possible the new guy from Bayern doesn’t rate him or had other plans. Hoping he shows well to gets back to Stuttgart come January or find another team, its not like Stuttgart paid a bunch for him only 500k or something so it doesn’t make sense for them to hold him hostage over such as small number if he’s not in their future plans anymore. Its hard to find his game highlights but if you search you can find them. Don’t write this kid off yet, the talents all there he just has never really gotten a chance to show it on a continual basis with any of his clubs. I remember Gio Dos Santos went thru similar club troubles with Tottenham before he found his place and consistent playing time.

    • Any US fans that wants to start writing guys off must not have watched the last two games. Some people don’t fit formations or playing styles or don’t get a chance for other reasons. Many complaints about Chandler not being brought in for last qualifiers, but the two Frankfurt games I watched, he plays an outside back in a 5 fullback formation where he always has inside help and doesn’t get isolated in one v one situations. This is where our current outside backs struggle and where Chandler has struggled in the past for the US. To me, I wasn’t surprised Arena didn’t bring him in because he is an unknown quantity in a 4 back formation Arena wanted to play. I think that will change now as I don’t think US will play again this cycle without two defensive midfielders with either 3 in the back or 5. In summary, that was my roundabout way to say I agree that situation could have a lot to do with where he is now.

      • @57 Tele…
        Last year Frankfurt played a back 4 plenty of times w Chandler as the RB, & they also played 5 w/ him as the wingback. He also moved inside a couple of times due to injury on their backline. So far this year they’ve played only a 5 man backline.
        He also led the BL last year in crosses with 119.. So even at RB yes he did get forward an awful lot.
        I hope he gets a chance under Arena, he’s playing the best soccer of his career and to ignore that is a mistake

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