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Is this the USMNT 2018 World Cup jersey?

The U.S. Men’s National Team hasn’t qualified for the World Cup just yet but, if they do, they’ll head to Russia with a very new kit.

Over the weekend, unveiled a potential template for the USMNT’s 2018 World Cup kits, which will once again be made by Nike. The home kit would be white with fading red and blue hoops leveled throughout the top. The away kit would reportedly feature a darker blue with light blue and white accents.

The templates below were not official, but SportsLogos’ rendering of what each kid could look like:

Graphic designer Franco Cabrajal also took to Twitter for a look at what the kit could look like:

Over the past several years, the USMNT and other Nike-sponsored teams have generally seen kits constructed from a similar template, including the current red kits and white kits donned by the U.S.

What do you think of the potential uniforms? What do you like or dislike?

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  1. Why would they want anything that is representative of the flag on the jersey? The USA is such a horrible place to live and the flag is such a terrible symbol for any one who believes in freedom and self-determination.

  2. Home had potential but only if the shoulders and rest of it were all white without the gray areas….Has that look where someone was thinking what else can I throw in, and just kept going and going….

  3. The whit is so bad. Who comes up with this stuff. There are so many good uniforms with our colors. Not a fan of Nike when it comes to soccer.

  4. The white jersey is atrocious. The blue seems to have potential. And we should require that every USMNT member must legally change their names to Yankees… How boss would that be?


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