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Report: NYCFC set to bid for stadium site in Belmont


New York City FC may be moving closer to finally securing a stadium location, even if it’s not in the location long coveted by the club.

According to Newsday, the club is preparing to submit a proposal to build a stadium at Belmont Park racetrack. According to the report, the Belmont location is not NYCFC’s top choice, as the club is still looking at a number of sites within the city limits. However, because the site is expected to house a sports arena, the club reportedly found it worth a proposal.

NYCFC is not the only bidder, though, as the NHL’s New York Islanders alre also reportedly interested. The deadline to submit a bid to the state’s request for proposals at Belmont is 2 p.m. Thursday, and a decision on any bids likely won’t come for several months.

Last year,  Empire State Development, New York’s primary business development agency, shut down previous proposals following an extended four-year process loaded with non-activity. The New York Cosmos were among those impacted as the club had lobbied for a 25,000 seat stadium at the Belmont location for several years.


  1. This won’t happen. The Islanders have the inside track to this site. I think NYCFC is just doing this to make it look like they are doing something. Best opportunity they have is to some how restructure the debt service on the Yankee Stadium garages that nobody uses and build there.

  2. Long Island FC!

    My schadenfreude meter here is off the charts. I would find nothing funnier than to see all those tools who talk smack about Red Bull Arena being too far this and New Jersey that, have to trudge out to Elmont, Long Island. L O L

  3. t would be great to deck (if possible) the rail yards in western Queens as was done in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The cost would be substantial but the economic impact would be incalculable. Queens Bridge Stadium would be an ideal setting.

    • Dial back the excitement here, the economic impact can be calculated and it’s probably on the order of a new Target store. It is not worth 1) taxpayer money or 2) public lands unless there is a return on investment.

  4. Wasn’t the whole point of awarding NYCFC a team to get a team actually playing inside a NY burrough where fans could get too without wasting up to an hour by subway/path train to NJ like they have to with RedBull.


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