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U.S. U-17 star Josh Sargent agrees to sign with Werder Bremen

One of the brightest stars in the U.S. system is set to sign with a European club.

Werder Bremen announced on Wednesday that the club has come to terms with U.S. Under-20 and Under-17 forward Josh Sargent. The forward will move to Germany and officially join the club when he turns 18 in February.

After featuring for the U.S. U-20s at this summer’s World Cup, Sargent is set to rejoin the U-17s for their upcoming World Cup run.

“My full concentration is first and foremost on the World Cup and the time I have left in Missouri,” Sargnet said. “But I am really looking forward to next year and the new challenge in Bremen. Werder made a huge effort with me and they have always shown in the past that they give young players like myself an ideal introduction to professional football. That meant that my decision to continue my career in Bremen was not a hard one to make.”

Sargent began his run earlier this year in CONCACAF qualifying with the U-17s, firing five goals while leading the U.S. to a finals apperance against Mexico. His play earned him a call to the U-20 World Cup in Korea, where he added four goals while guiding the U.S. to a quarterfinal appearance despite being the youngest player on the team.

“We have been keeping tabs on Joshua for a long time and so it isn’t a great surprise to us that his brilliant performances have attracted attention on an international scale,” said Tim Steidten, the head of squad planning and scouting at Werder Bremen. “Therefore we are extremely happy that despite the numerous offers from other top clubs in Europe, he was convinced by our philosophy at SV Werder and that we can now oversee his development as a player and support him along the way. He has a great understanding of the game and he is one of the most promising talents of his age in the world.”

According to Steidten, Sargent will join up with the Werder Bremen U-23s when he makes the move in February before becoming a “proper part” of the squad next summer.


  1. Sargent is one of those kids who matured early physically; that is a big advantage in his age group. What I find exciting is that his ability to play up 3 years and do very well is a clear sign that physicality is not all he brings to the game.

  2. Still think that if LD had managed a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid when he was a teenager, he would have had a totally different club career. Oh well, water under the bridge…

    • Lil Bobby:

      First off: good job learning the “copy and paste” function. Your tech teacher will surely reward you with a sticker.

      Second: You keep posting these ridiculous comments to try to show that American fans are delusional and that USMNT sucks. That’s fine, but the El Tri blog is down the street and to the right. Take your idiocy there.

      There’s a reason I said PSV and Ajax, and not Barca and Madrid. Unfortunately, your power of reasoning falls a few KW short to grasp the distinction…

  3. As long as he’s given a chance to play its good. Whats bad is if he skips college to do this then doesnt make it or gets some career ending injury. Not a lot of options for a young guy with no fall back options. Not everybody gets the big payday

  4. This is great news. I always thought of the Eredivisie as the best destination for young Americans to develop in Europe, but it seems like Germany is working out well for us. Pulisic McKinnie, Wright, and several others. Even Wood (who isn’t exactly young anymore soccer-wise).

    Still think that if LD had managed a move to PSV or Ajax when he was a teenager, he would have had a totally different club career. Oh well, water under the bridge…

    • Regarding Donovan, I wish he had stayed at Everton when he had the chance instead of returning to the Galaxy. Bundesliga is becoming a USMNT feeder league, haha.

    • From what I’ve read Landon has basically said it was the mental and emotional stress of being away from home and in a high-pressure environment, I don’t think at that time in his life Netherlands over Germany would have made much difference.


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