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Bill Hamid officially signs with FC Midtjylland


Bill Hamid is now officially set for Denmark.

FC Midtjylland announced on Wednesday that the club has signed the former D.C. United goalkeeper on a free transfer. Hamid is set to replace the outgoing Michael Falkesgaard as he joins the club in January on a four-and-a-half year deal.

“We are pleased that we can add Bill Hamid with our squad in FC Midtjylland,” said coach Jess Thorup. “He is a good goalkeeper with many good years ahead and we look forward to coming to the club at the turn of the year.”

“Bill Hamid is a very athletic goalkeeper and he has a huge physique,” added goalkeeper coach Nikolai Pold, who has primarily scouted the American goalkeeper. “He is fast on the feet and good in the field. He fills a lot in the field because of both his size and physique, but also because of his great winning mentality and verbal presence. So we look forward to seeing what he can contribute in FC Midtjylland.”

Hamid now departs D.C. United, the only club he’s played for since signing as an 18-year-old Homegrown product. The goalkeeper made 184 appearances for D.C. while earning two caps with the U.S. Men’s National Team.


  1. Congrats to Hamid. Hope this pushes his development along.

    Ives/Tomlich – this is poor reporting when the story doesn’t even mention that FC Midtjylland plays in the Danish Superleague. You leave most fans not knowing where Hamid is headed. This site and its reporters really should do better.

  2. No transfer fee. Shambolic.

    For a league that is feigns losing money, and a club that owes their fans a new stadium. Perhaps if MLS can learn to utilize the transfer market to it’s own favor, neither of those two aspects would be an issue.

  3. Such a disappointing outcome! I thought he could do a lot better than moving to a better team, but in a worse league. I was hoping for a Championship team. Not sure he will even get paid more in Denmark.

    • Simply being located in Europe expands his options many times over. Most European clubs do not have much of a scouting network in the US and this will give him much more exposure to Euro based scouts. A good year or 2 in Denmark could lead to offers he would not have gotten by staying in MLS. Hope he can stay healthy and take advantage of his opportunity

      • I don’t know about many times over. To some degree – maybe. Teams from all over scout in MLS (see Miazga, Agudelo, Yedlin, Oyongo, Shea, etc., etc.). I would concede that if he goes far in Europa League, it can be a meaningful increase in exposure, but I am pretty sure that Hamid was already known to everyone who cared in the Championship.

        Going to Denmark may also make him less visible to USMNT. Look at Kitchen or Mix – not a lot of visibility now

      • A few things here. FIrst off, yes this will definitely increase his expose all across Europe. You have to think outside of England. I guarantee the amount of clubs who directly scout or have very close connections to MLS in Europe is lower than Denmark. Not to mention how difficult it is to pry a player away from MLS once they are contracted. If he plays well he will have many more options.

        Additionally, neither Kitchen or Mix haven’t shown they are good enough for the national team. That is their issue. It is not playing in Scandanavia.

        Finally, this is a move with the long term not short term in mind. Playing well in Denmark may not get him national team caps, but if he can parlay this into on to a bigger opportunity in a couple years he will be in the convo come 2022.

        This is exactly the kind of move more players should be making to further development. Look at what Cyle Larin is about to do. I’m sure MLS would pay him but he is taking a risk while he can. The easy “comfortable” thing to do would be get paid in a league you know you will do well in. Haven’t we all been saying we need more young players to be risk takers?

    • In addition to Ronaldinho’s point, even though it is not the Premier League, it is still extremely difficult for a player that doesn’t hold a EU passport to get a work permit for play in England.

  4. Yea a strong 1.5-2.5, a league title, and maybe some decent results in Europa or champions league, and he could set himself up for a starting gig in one of the big 4 leagues.

  5. Bill Hamid is a great keeper. For several years he has singlehandedly made an awful DCUnited team achieve nearly mediocre results. [I say this as a supporter of DCU.] He can be counted upon on a regular basis to contribute big plays that save points. It’s a real shame that untimely injuries have largely kept him out of the national team picture. If not for them, I think he would clearly now have the inside track as a proven younger talent. Best wishes for it all coming together for him in Denmark.

  6. If he arrives on a free transfer, why does he have to wait until transfer window opens to play? I thought out of contract players are exempt from the transfer window? Is it because his DCU contract expires 12/31?


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