Claudio Reyna on American soccer: "We're far too arrogant"

Claudio Reyna on American soccer: "We're far too arrogant"

U.S. Men's National Team

Claudio Reyna on American soccer: "We're far too arrogant"

As a former U.S. Men’s National Team star, Claudio Reyna was left very, very disappointed by what he saw from the U.S. Men’s National Team throughout the World Cup cycle, but the NYCFC executive wasn’t fully surprised by the U.S. team’s failure.

Reyna took aim at the mentality possessed by many throughout U.S. Soccer, saying that those in charge haven’t led the U.S. to real progress in quite some time. Reyna compared the American soccer mindset with that of those around the world and, in his experience, he’s found something wrong with the behavior throughout the U.S. landscape.

“Our approach and our behavior to the sport here — to coaching, to everything, is just wrong,” Reyna told Goal on Tuesday. “We’re far too arrogant. We’re far too obnoxious. We are egotistical having never won anything or done anything, and that’s not the case around the world.

“We have coaches who think they’re better than they are,” he added. “Across the board, we just think we do things better than we really do. I mean in every way. Whether it’s broadcasting, or media, coaching, we’re just not as far along as we tell ourselves we are. We need a little honesty, and hopefully this brought it. I think it’s far too late. I think we’ve been asleep at the wheel for a little bit too long.”

Reyna went on to say that American coaches can learn a lot from others scattered throughout the world. He says those within the country don’t understand the day-to-day work being put in by those in countries succeding on the international level and, until they do, things won’t change.

The NYCFC executive also said that many are confusing investment with progress and that throwing money at the problem will not be enough to help the U.S. overcome the deficiencies currently plaguing the system.

“Until we realize that  — that we’re not as good as we think we are at all levels — then I think we’re going to continue being what we are,” Reyna said, “which is mediocre.”

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