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Sebastian Giovinco reiterates Italy aspirations, talks up TFC


Sebastian Giovinco still believes that Toronto FC and MLS don’t get the credit they deserve, but he also hopes that credit comes in time for the World Cup next summer.

Giovinco reiterated his hope for a national team call-up while stating his belief that the level of MLS is one that would challenge plenty of players throughout the world.

“It’s true that, tactically, the game is simpler here and the attackers get more chances to score, but on a physical level, this is a very demanding league,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Nothing’s easy. I just do the best I can, moving on all the time, without letting things which are out of my control get to me.

“[If TFC was in Serie A] we would avoid relegation easily, maybe finishing in midtable.”

Giovinco, who has 15 goals this season for Toronto FC, is hoping to join David Villa in getting a surprise call-up to a major European national team. Unfortunately for Giovinco, the TFC forward has been out of the picture since Gian Piero Ventura took over for Antonio Conte in 2016. Even before Ventura’s appointment, call-ups dried up under Conte due to the now-Chelsea manager’s belief that the forward wasn’t being challenged in MLS.

Italy is currently looking ahead to a vital World Cup playoff against Sweden.

“Clearly there are different criteria for evaluation, but what am I supposed to do?” he asked. “Pull my hair out? I couldn’t even do that anyway, it’s already so short.

“I like it here and I’m enjoying it, which equates to me being happy, but when I see games in the Champions League and Serie A, I do give a bit of thought [to going back] now and again. But ifs and buts get you nowhere.

“It’s obvious that for a footballer, wearing Azzurro and winning with that shirt is the big goal, and it always will be,” he added. “All that I can do is continue along this path, playing well for my club. If they were to call me, I’d be delighted.”


  1. Main problem Giovinco has is there isn’t a good fit for him as a player given the tactics Italy is choosing to play.

    TFC only stays up in Seris A if they make all the Italian teams fly thousands of miles a year for the the games, play half their games on turf, and play in both 40 degree weather and 100 degree weather, and then probably only wills tay up for the year while italian teams adjust.

    • Or TFC stays up if they are located in Italy and don’t have to deal with the travel, weather extremes, turf, etc… It works both ways.

  2. Unfortunately, Not gonna happen … The Azurri would rather call in guys who can’t score over a guy who has goals and assist and is in good form.


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