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Julian Green receives recognition for weekend performance

Julian Green’s name hasn’t come up in the news much since making the U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup squad in 2014. However, it appears Green is finally finding some comfort at what is now his fourth club.

Green has bounced around in different parts of the German soccer pyramid and ended up at Greuther Furth in the 2.Bundesliga this season on loan from Stuttgart.

The 22-year-old put together a solid 90-minute performance for Greuther Furth on Saturday in its 4-0 victory over St. Pauli in which he scored his first goal for the club in the 79th minute.

Green’s showing for Greuther Furth earned him a spot in Kicker’s 2.Bundesliga Team of the Week.

Green has featured in six matches for the 17th-place club in the German second division, totaling 520 minutes, which is already more than he picked up with Stuttgart last season.

Injuries and lack of playing time have hampered Green’s development, but he could have a chance to impress throughout the season as Greuther Furth battles relegation.


  1. Too bad , but I think it is club soccer for him. TOO late for national team. Too many better guys coming up. Seems like a nice player , but that is not enough. Just imagine Maurinho as his coach.

  2. JG has always looked to me like a guy with very quick feed who can handle the ball in tight spaces. Such talents are essential for helping a team breakdown organized defenses.

    What I thought he lacked was the physicality to handle the punishment that typically comes when the defense gets tired of the cute plays and just chops him down.

    That may not be the prettiest part of defense in soccer, but it is a reality and many young talents have found themselves injured and on the sidelines as a result.

    If he can get through a season at the lower level without injury where less than stellar defenders will have their shots at him, maybe he will finally become the player we all hoded in 2014.

  3. It’s good to be Julian Green. He’s accomplished nothing in his career and yet he has a World Cup under his belt and, according to some, a spot in the national team waiting for him.

  4. The continued development & emergence of young, technical, talented midfielders; coupled with the lack of quality at the striker position is why I strongly believe that a 4-2-3-1 is formation we should be moving towards for the immediate future.


    Subs: Saief, Manneh/Arriola, Adams, Acosta, Parks/Hyndmann

    Technical, Speedy, Tenacious, Versatile & Interchangeable…able to press the opposition to create turnovers. The individual skill & movement to break-down a bunker defense.

    Still missing a true LB option and need depth at both outside back positions, but it’s better than we’ve had for a long, long time. Just need them to continue their development, and for them to get time together to build chemistry.

  5. I hope all he needs is some confidence and a manager that is staying put for awhile to let him show is quality, not making excuses for him but he has had some raw deals with the loan to Hamburg and then behind such good players at Bayern maybe this was what he needed and hopefully this is his true breakout year. He has played well this season when healthy. Kicker has him rated 4 out of a possible 6 for the year.

  6. Nice nutmeg of the keeper on the finish. I’ve been a big believer of this guy for a long time and you can call me crazy but he’s one of the best players we have in the pool, he just needs to find the right club and be given minutes and he’ll shine. More of this to come hopefully as long as he stays healthy and keeps getting minutes. Would love to see him keep getting minutes and showing what kind of option he could be for NT used on the left side up top in a 433 with Pulisic on the right top and those two switching sides often to confuse defenders.

    • Actually agree. Just to watch his highlights – and he’s got a growing reel of them – the kid is as talented on the ball as anyone we have, which includes Pulisic, and he’s an absolutely lethal natural finisher.

      Then in between his highlight reels you see a guy who keeps falling out of favor with his teams and who has struggled to get consistent PT anywhere…which included the Nats.

      Odd to say the least.

      • Thanks Quozzell, glad someone else is actually watching the film and not just repeating whatever negative headline they’ve read about him.

      • He played on the left in his first games with Furth, but if you watch the highlights of this game he was definitely playing more centrally. It almost looked like he started as a striker and dropped back to midfield later in the game, but he may have been playing a #10 the whole time. It’s hard to tell for sure. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he moves to the center and they go for four goals after averaging about one a game before that. Like you, I’ve been a long-suffering JG fan. The kid definitely has talent. I think a central position suits him better.

      • Shaggie, thanks. I was going by earlier this year of what I saw Feurth doing but its hard to see real games replays. Ancelotti, thought he was best as a withdrawn forward/false nine and said as much. Watching his highlights over the years he excels most at finishing and burying chances whether that was his WC goal in 14 or the hat trick he had in preseason a couple years back. Most of those finishes were all one touch finishes too. Although, that friendly he scored and assisted for the NT in back before the Hex started, his goal was a 40 yard dribbling at a defender and cut inside and bury the goal. This goal was also more dribble and tight control which is good to see. I’ve often thought and posted here as well that the reason he hasn’t found reliable playing time is he’s a bit too small to play the forward role and is more of a finisher than a passer and lacks crossing ability to play on the wing as a true winger. He best fits a 433 formation but needs to find the right situation. He shows control of the ball in tight spaces and a finishing ability that are desperately needed going forward for the NT.

    • Thank you for the information! Good to hear. Hope he keeps it up and continues to show well. US needs all the good young players it can find!

      • If only we could combine Green’s technical/finishing ability with Wood’s size and motor we’d have our first world class striker. : ) As it is, if Green keeps it up I think he should be getting a chance to compete with Wood and Altidore.

  7. It was a nifty goal, at the end of an impressive surging run and combination play. A glimpse of some of the talent that, among other things, landed him on the 2014 roster. He’s got plenty of talent, the question for him will always be, how hard is he willing to work to improve? And can he stay healthy? Hallmarks of all great players.

    • His increase in minutes could be a significant story if that trend continues through the spring. That is why two other guys who I like and have talent, Hyndman and Gooch, need to get somewhere, full-time, where they will play and be given the chance to continue developing their skills and jump start their careers. Eventually, you have to get on the field, and stay there consistently, to turn potential into reality.


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