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MLS to name next expansion team in 2018

Major League Soccer is going to wait until 2018 to decide on the second team in this round of expansion.

After naming Nashville as the league’s 24th team on Wednesday, the league released a statement saying they will choose between Cincinnati, Sacramento and Detroit following the turn of the calendar.

Most believe the decision will come down to Cincinnati and Sacramento due to the complete packages they presented to the league, while Detroit appears to be a underdog.


  1. There are rumors circulating that the MLS will not wait until the end of the year, but will announce that the other three “finalists” will be awarded a franchise as soon as March.

    It seems unlikely that both Phoenix and San Diego will not be ready this year. if ever and there is little chance St. L will reappear, making the long wait until December for the ’18 awards, fruitless.


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