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Pulisic, Bradley, Altidore headline nominees for U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year award

The 2017 campaign was one of doom and gloom for the U.S. Men’s National Team thanks to a missed World Cup. However, with the season coming to a close, several individuals have been recognized for their 2017 seasons.

Christian Pulisic, Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey and Jordan Morris have been unveiled as nominees for the 2017 U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year award.

The award is voted on by National Team and Youth National Team coaches and staff, players who have earned a cap in 2017, MLS and NASL head coaches, select media members as well as former players and administrators.

Of the five nominees, three have won the award before. Dempsey is a three-time winner with wins in 2007, 2011 and 2012 while Bradley won the award in 2015. Altidore, last year’s winner, also won recognition in 2013. Landon Donovan holds the record for most Player of the Year awards with four.

In 2017, Altidore became the youngest player to eclipse the 100-cap mark and the third player to score 40 USMNT goals. Meanwhile, his club teammate, Bradley scored one of the year’s more memorable goals against Mexico at the Azteca before joining up for the Gold Cup. Dempsey, menwhile, scored five goals for the U.S. to push his total to 57 international goals, level with Donovan for the all-time record.

Morris and Pulisic could win the award for the first time with the latter likely being the favorite. Pulisic led the USMNT with six goals while shining with Borussia Dortmund. Morris, on the other hand, shined at this summer’s Gold Cup while also scoring the final-winning goal.


  1. Jermaine Jones should be in it for his rant. He put more heart into his speech from his couch then bradley did vs T&T.

  2. Pulisic, Bradley, Altidore — What a tough decision. How could anybody choose between them. Nobody really stands out. If only one person could have clearly tried harder than the others, and not completely just failed their country like the other two

  3. I am disappointed at those who feel they must post something negative regarding any player. Pulisic is likely the leader. Enuf said, else just be quiet.

  4. If this award has to be given, Pulisic is the only one deserving of anything. Only other option should be somebody from the U17 team but if Alt1dore or Bradley got it… its a joke. Morris is not deserving and Dempsey is not a full time player

  5. I get that they had list a few more names to *create* the appearance that Pulisic has actual competition, but those were the wrong names to randomly select. How about Wood (who at least made an effort to play) or Cameron (who was not a part of the T&T debacle)?

  6. This HAS to be a joke. Jordan Morris? He has the most disappointing sophomore season in the history of sports. Injured twice, Didn’t progress, probably even regressed.
    I am a Sounder fan of 40 years and think Morris is a major part of US soccer going forward and I think it is a joke.

    Then Bradley. Are you kidding me?

    Pulisic will win. Why not just announce the winner rather than getting us all worked up?

  7. Embarrassing. How does soccer keep “progressing” in this country every year, yet get more and more embarrassing?

    The award should either be cancelled for the year, or have one nominee/winner, Pulisic. Everyone else should never see a US shirt again.

    Jordan Morris a nominee? Is that a joke?

    • the good-old boy network just wont stop. The only way to remove them is to vote in Wynalda even if you dont like him. he was the only one to call out the bradley nepotism years ago when everybody turned the other way.


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