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Report: NYCFC loses out on Belmont stadium site

The search for a soccer-specific stadium is not coming to an end anytime soon for New York City FC.

The franchise entering its fourth season in MLS lost out on its bid to build a stadium at the Belmont Park site to the New York Islanders of the NHL, per Newsday.

NYCFC’s proposal for the site included a 26,000-seat stadium in addition to land for retail development and a facility for soccer purposes.

The MLS team that is co-owned by the MLB’s New York Yankees has failed to find a site that suits its needs since the inception of the club.


  1. Good. Belmont was never even a mediocre option. I still say the Bronx is the place of the sites mentioned. There needs to be subway access. If it’s by Yankee stadium I could conceivably see the yanks play and NYCFC on the same day. Unlikely. But still my wet dream persists..

    • No, it is not. The league is now full of Soccer Specific Stadiums, with more on the way. NYCFC, on the other hand, is way behind. They should never have been sold a franchise until they had a piece of real estate in their grubby Yankee/MCFC hands. They are going to be playing at Yankee Stadium, on a 68 yard wide field, for a long, long time still. That is Absolutely laughable.

      • Wow you guys are clueless.
        -Fans made it clear to CFG that we didn’t want a belmont site. We had meetings with them to show our displesure. NYCFC has alot of other plans from Belmont that suit the playing on the City.

        -NYCFC was one of the best decision from Don. Actually market the city and has made the Red Bull more relevant because trust me when i tell you. People didnt even know of their existance. Thats exemplefied by their attendance and now growing attendence each year.

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