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Report: U.S. Soccer to alter role of federation president

With U.S. Soccer’s presidential race heating up, the federation is reportedly set to alter the role’s responsibilities.

According to ESPN, U.S. Soccer has taken steps towards revamping the responsibilities required of several positions in leadership. The biggest change, according to the report, is that the president is more likely to be held responsible as a chairman of the board like figure and not as a more hands-on executive president.

In addition, the board reportedly stated that a general manager-line position should be created to oversea the U.S. Men’s National Team. The soon-to-be-hired USMNT boss would then report to that manager, who is expected to be hired before U.S. Soccer finalizes its coaching search.

“[The GM] would be the person in charge of running everything, like they do in Europe,” said a person who attended the meetings told ESPN. “You have the federation but you also have the person that runs the national team.”

“It’s a big change in how we’ve doing business, so we want to make sure we’re doing it right,” said one source. “I don’t see anyone saying, ‘Let’s do it by tomorrow.'”

Changes are expected to be finalized before February’s annual meeting.


  1. I find it so odd that SBI has yet to do a write up about Anthony DiCicco’s analysis of USMNT’s performance over the past 27 years. Some of it is obvious stuff, but other portions are worth discussing.

    Considering the extensive coverage SBI gives to NASL and other meaningless aspects of soccer, you’d think they would mention it somewhere…


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