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Tim Ream scores in Fulham win

Tim Ream isn’t known for his goalscoring, but the Fulham defender stepped up for a Boxing Day goal in a Fulham win.

The U.S. Men’s National Team defender scored the first of four goals on Tuesday for Fulham in a 4-2 win over Cardiff City. The goal was Ream’s second since joining Fulham in in 2015 and the third of his club career.

Ream’s finish was a header from open play as Fulham took the lead int he 12th minute. Following a headed pass from Kevin McDonald, Ream provided the finish to score Fulham’s opener in the eventual victory.

With the win, Ream and Fulham sit 11th in the Championship, six points out of a playoff place.


    • Lichaj, Ream, Spector….guys who are at their level and going nowhere shouldn’t be called in. CCV, Gooch, Danny Williams….these are guys who could potentially move on to better things. Not all players in the Championship are created equal in terms of international potential.

      • i would agree with this mentality for a player like a Lyndon Gooch, who is just starting to get regular minutes, but when you try and diminish the capabilities of a player like Ream who has been a starter in the EPL and the EChampionship for nearly a decade, it begins to say more about you then managers who in these leagues that make it their life’s work to be the best caretakers and talent evaluators possible, in europe of all places!

    • well it’s a good thing managers worldwide don’t share your opinion on this because a lot of good players globally would get overlooked just for playing in the Championship. People for years have been saying that the MLS is lower than the English Championship, so i guess MLSers don’t deserve NT call ups either right

  1. Funny when a youngster plays well in Championship it’s a clear sign they deserve nat team call up. When a vet plays well crickets because everyone knows Ream is awful.

    • probably because you’re in the minority with regards to that opinion…..if you’re referring to a few bad moments with the NT, should we also say Cameron and Brooks suck too because they’ve had bad moments for the Nats as well?? Don’t be a hypocrite, it’s christmas!

    • You will seldom get starting spot in a Championship team if you are “awful”. You will also always play a little bit different and sometimes better on a club team as opposed to a national team becasue you are more aware of movements off the ball of teammates who you play with regularly. In the merry-go-round that was the back line of the USMNT in ’16 and ’17 , many players played well below what they were capable of due to the many changes Klinsmann and Arena made to the back line, sometimes because of injury, sometimes out of choice, and unfortunately mad more wrong choices than the correct one in WCQ. The simple fact is players play better in a system they are familiar with, and the players they are familiar with.

    • Ronniet perhaps you misunderstood or I misunderstood yours. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of many posters who complained loudly that Ream was getting call ups despite being a consistent starting cb for Fulham, but then also complained that Hyndman wasn’t being called after a few spot starts due to injuries with Fulham. The same could be said of Gooch and Parks. Most people seem to want a complete overhaul of the roster, but I fear the fan base will grow tired of this next crop of “stars” by the time the next WC comes around and will be calling for Pulisic and McKinney to retire.

      • Yeah because Pulisic and Ream are comparable in any way. Give me a break. People complained about Ream getting called up because he is not international quality. End of story. In the context of international football, he DOES suck.

      • Bryan today that’s true but CP is one bad transfer away from being old news and his minor faults that we all put up with because he’s our best player will be plastered all over message boards. He will rightly or wrongly be judged by how the US does going forward and any struggles will be placed on his shoulders this now his team.

    • Pulisic is about 8 or 9 years away from being old news. Bad transfers expose donkeys like Jozy Altidore, not Pulisic. Not sure what any of that has to do with Tim Ream though, who has never been good enough for international level.

      • A constant on here is insert name plays in the Championship he should be playing for the NT yet you have a guy like Ream who is a regular starter and he’s consistently ridiculed. He’s probably not international class as you say but how many of those do we have at his position then? 1 or 2, 3 tops so with Cameron and Brooks injury issues he’s as good as we have. Whoscored computer ratings have Ream as a 6.82 and Carter Vickers as 6.8 yet if you asked fans you’d get almost everyone saying how much better CCV is.

        And on a side not bad transfers can happen to good players James, Chicharito, mkhitarayan, Pogba all guys who have struggled in different locations I wouldn’t call any of them donkeys.

      • well your entitled to that opinion, but it’s a seemingly dense and egregious one to make! Care to back up your statement with reasoning or statistics?? Or are you just not a fan of TR?

    • Ream is literally irrelevant to USMNT moving forward. CCV is probably just as good right now and at least has potential for better things in the future.Tim Ream can take his goal and shove it.

      • I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Ream than you are suggesting, coaches don’t make decisions because illogical fans hate a player, but because they go watch them play and see them close up in training sessions. Again, i can call several players trash because of a game here or there where they didn’t play well but it doesn’t mean they are trash but a professional athlete where you don’t have your best stuff every game. Ream has been in europe for several years now, has played in the EPL in the process so for you to say he is not International calibre is not only wrong but just dumb! Age may be the only thing keeping Tim from future rosters, but if we’re going by previous NT appearances and club play i would say Ream deserves it just as much as Danny Williams

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