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Veron, Carrasco, Mallace selected in Stage 2 of MLS Re-Entry Draft

D.C. United poached one of their biggest rival’s attacking midfielders in Stage 2 of the MLS Re-Entry Draft on Thursday.

D.C. took Gonzalo Veron with the second selection in the draft. The Black and Red still have to negotiate a contract with the Argentinian midfielder who scored 10 goals during his three years with the New York Red Bulls.

“We are excited to draft a player as talented as Gonzalo Verón. We know he’s received some interest internationally so we look forward to working with him to try to reach an agreement for 2018,” said D.C. United general manager Dave Kasper. 

With the first pick in Stage 2 of the Re-Entry Draft, the LA Galaxy took Servando Carrasco from Orlando City.

Carrasco has played for four franchises in MLS, including the Seattle Sounders from 2011-2013 where he played under current Galaxy boss Sigi Schmid.

LAFC also added another player to its roster on Thursday by selecting midfielder Calum Mallace from the Seattle Sounders.

The other 20 MLS teams opted to pass in the second stage of the Re-Entry Draft.

A total of seven players were selected over the last two weeks in both stages of the Re-Entry Draft and the Waiver Draft.


  1. Veron did not perform like a DP should. Losing him should not hurt the Red Bull and will help them if they can sign a DP who will simply play up to expectations.

    • I blame the coach. This is a player that performed at the world stage!how is it that in mls he’s continually played out of position is mls and only comes off the bench. his hunger for the game and ability to impose his will on games is what helped red bulls inch into playoffs. People need to be honest with marsch! He is is a .500 coach at best whose tactically weak and does not play to the teams strengths.

      • Actually, I think, Marsch has a strategy in mind and works to find players that can carry out the high pressure, quick-attack he espouses. In his mind the team tactics come first, then the players.

        Lots of people faulted Bob Bradley for doing the opposite of taking the best players he could find and then trying to adjust the team’s tactics to fit the players.

        (In truth, Bradley was most likely to fit the team tactics to the “special” players he had at his disposal and fit the “average” players into that,but the bias was toward adjusting the tactics.)

        While you may be no fan of either, both Bradley and Marsch have had success with their different approaches.

        I tend to think that Bradley’s approach works better especially when faced with teams capable of maintaining possession against high pressure, while Marsch’s teams seem to have a tough time when the opponents can break the pressure and get out of the back consistently. In MLS, Marsch’s teams will do well, he certainly is above .500, at least until the opponents get better (and they will). Will Marsch adapt, who knows?

  2. Glad to offload Veron. What a disappointing stay. I know it’s all about youth development for NYRB but come on let’s get a couple stars! Let’s use the new TAM!


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