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Jonathan Gonzalez cleared to represent Mexico

Jonathan Gonzalez’s one-time switch to Mexico is officially complete.

According to ESPN, Jonathan Gonzalez received his finalized one-time switch approval from FIFA on Wednesday, officially tying the midfielder to the Mexico national team. The news makes Gonzalez eligible to join El Tri as soon as the team’s friendly against Bosnia & Herzegovina in San Antonio on Jan. 31.

“Please be informed that the request made by the Mexican Football Federation and the player Jonathan Gonzalez for change of Association was accepted by the Single Judge of the Players’ Status Committee and the player is allowed to represent the national team as from the notification of the decision,” a FIFA spokesperson said, according to ESPN.

Gonzalez announced his decision to represent El Tri on Jan. 9 after previously featuring for several U.S. youth teams. The news comes on the heels of a breakout season for Monterrey that saw the midfielder named to the Liga MX Best XI.

In the weeks since Gonzalez’s decision, U.S. Soccer has come under fire for the botched recruitment of the midfielder. Following claims that the federation visited Gonzalez at home, ESPN reported that no member of the U.S. Soccer staff visited the midfielder. Furthermore, Gonzalez was left out of the loop in November when he was excluded from the U.S. Men’s National Team’s squad to face Portugal.


  1. he can stay there where the violence is every day,whit the presidential race ppahaps whit
    López Obrador goes ahead or another,narco,discriminatiín against indian,yes he can leave there..there are more american better than you and i am more mexican thann you,you still
    call you gringo

  2. If I wanted to read articles about Mexican national team’ers, I wouldn’t come to SBI. I’ve never been a fan of guys that play for us when their hearts are elsewhere. Good riddance. Get over it and move on. Let this article be the last.

  3. Fine, and can we put to bed this particular subject then? Unless it’s all about the click baits. Officially done. Let’s move on, and talk about the US players that actually want to be part of our set up.

  4. 70/30 says he ends up playing in a top 4 league. Kid’s got quickness, athleticism, passing, defense and a very high soccer IQ at only 18. If only the US could produce players like this, we wouldnt need to be so reliant on Michael Bradley a.k.a “Sir Jogsalot”

    • Neither Williams nor Ramos chose him for their youth WC squads and Friedel did not take him for his U-19 National team squad(that had 10 midfielders) in 2017 either.. That might say more about his talent than anything said by any reporter or commenter on Ives.

      • Actually what I think says more is his outstanding play for a powerhouse club in LigaMX and that he relegated as Mexican National Team player to the bench. And the fact that he captained their U20 youth team at 17 prior to moving up to the first team. Seems a little strange that he was doing so well within Monterrey’s system, yet somehow wasn’t quite good enough to get playing time for the NATs program.

    • Over. Starting at Monterrey and bench with his play a MX NT regular at the age of 18 at a position they are thin on. We are going to be cringing every time we play MX that this one got away fellas. Will have a reminder on the pitch of our failure for the next ten years each time we play MX.

      • i’d argue we have about 3-4 players with his ability coming through right now in McKennie, Acosta, Adams and Keaton Parks! Would have been nice to have him, sure, but i doubt he is some once in a generation player that will define the program going forward! Onwards and upwards #USA

    • I’ll take the over, and good luck to him making the WC.

      Hopefully he never beats us, though! …I know the situation is over now, but I just sincerely hope our next administration addresses this as well as other systemic shortcomings so that we can hopefully field a truly competitive team someday soon.


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