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LAFC, Youtube TV form broadcast and jersey partnership

As Los Angeles FC prepares for their debut season as a Major League Soccer franchise, the club has also found their television and video partner.

LAFC and Youtube TV have agreed on a multi-year partnership, in which the cable-free TV service will serve as the “Official Live TV and Video Partners” for the club. The service will allow fans to watch all locally-televised English language LAFC matches, and will also carry nationally televised matches in addition.

This deal will also feature the Youtube TV logo on the team’s jersey, and is a first partnership in which all locally televised matches will be on a live TV streaming provider.

“This truly is a historic day for our club,” LAFC Owner and President Tom Penn said. “YouTube TV is an ambitious and innovative brand that we are proud to showcase on the front of our jersey and in our community. We are excited to provide our fans with a new and creative way to watch all of LAFC’s matches in one place during our inaugural season.”

2018 will see LAFC involved in 16 nationally-televised matches on ESPN, Fox, FS1, and Univision combined. There will be a designated Youtube channel in which fans can enjoy  30-minute pre and post-match shows.

“LAFC is reimagining the sports landscape in the same innovative way we strive to reimagine the live TV experience,” YouTube Director of Sports Partnerships for the Americas Tim Katz said. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with LAFC to be the exclusive home for all locally televised matches and to share our name on the front of their jerseys.”


  1. forgive me but what’s a tv? is that like a cassette player or something? who has one? do they still make them?

    just Trying to be funny. all the kids today do everything online, this is the way to go for the future of all mls clubs, big thumbs up lafc.

    • i regret that i wrote this stupid comment. and no way to edit/remove it.

      what i meant to say was just that i like this idea and i’m really excited about it.

  2. Since tv switched to digital they’ve basically been streaming our tv to us anyway, so I don’t see the quality diminishing too much.

    I do have concerns about the casual fan though. There is little chance that a person who doesn’t realize the game is on that day is going to find it through YouTube TV, as opposed to someone flipping through cable channels and decides to watch the game when they come across it. That’s how I got to watch the Australian Open Final last wknd. I don’t think YouTube TV is a good idea for a league that is still trying to bring in more fans.

    • We’ll disagree on this one. At this point, it’s the older folk who click through channels to find stuff. The younger demographics, especially the people who follow this league, are doing this already through some means or another. Social apps, digital viewing on the go is how it’s going to be going forward. This will not only be a hit, it will set a trend for other clubs to follow. Facebook has already hosted some MLS games, and I imagine Netflix and Amazon are not too far behind…


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