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Miazga avoids suspension for crotch-grabbing incident

Corner kicks have long been a time for gamesmanship. With so many players clumped together, players can get away with plenty.

Matt Miazga got away with an incident of his own over the weekend, and the Vitesse defender has avoided retroactive punishment as well.

While preparing to defend a corner kick in this past weekend’s 1-1 draw with Heerenveen, Miazga was caught grabbing an opponents crotch in the lead up to a corner kick. The incident was missed by the referee.

In a statement, the Dutch federation revealed that Miazga will receive no punishment for the incident while teammate Tim Matavz could face sanctions for an elbow during the match.

“Miazga’s incident is not investigated any further,” said a Dutch FA spokesman. “That is a decision of the prosecutor. He sees no ground for prosecution.”

Miazga has featured 18 times for Vitesse this season. The club currently sits seventh in the league ahead of Saturday’s match with Zwolle.


    • Hopefully, that’s NOT actually the standard that we’re ALL using these days (and I’ll leave it at that).

      In my personal book, it was a shady, shameful thing to do from a player that held himself out as being better than that and I guy player that I’m excited about.

      I’m still wishing great success for the young man but it’ll be a while before I can get past the cloud of being a dirty cheat.

      Everybody makes some bad decisions. Hopefully, this was just a one time isolated event.

  1. Can’t say I support this, but many of the worlds best defenders have mastered the so-called “dark arts.” Pepe comes to mind. Having that kind of edge is not the worst thing in the world.

    Hilarious too.


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