Michael Bradley on USMNT return: 'We'll see'

Michael Bradley on USMNT return: 'We'll see'


Michael Bradley on USMNT return: 'We'll see'


The 2018 campaign will feature a lot of rebuilding for the U.S. Men’s National Team. It’s a year that will feature plenty of change, from a new president to a new coach all the way down to a number of new players leading the charge.

Michael Bradley understands that the change is coming, and he still hopes to be a part of the USMNT program when all is said and done.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” Bradley told the Toronto Sun when asked about a possible USMNT return. “Right now there’s a presidential election. We’ll have to see how that unfolds. Once there’s a president, that president will have to decide who the next coach is going to be.

“My guess is that’s going to take time. Anything is possible, but I’m not sure I expect there to be a full-time coach in until the latter part of the year.”

Bradley added that he expects 2018 to be a “slow year” for the program as pieces begin to be put in place. The U.S. Soccer presidential collection will be the first big building block when the election concludes in February. The victor will then be charged with hiring a new USMNT head coach, a process that is expected to begin following this summer’s World Cup.

Until then, the U.S. is seemingly treading water while looking to integrate some new faces to the mix. Generally, those faces will be on the younger side as the U.S. looks ahead towards 2022.

Currently 30 years old, Bradley will most likely be on the downside of his career when the World Cup kicks off in Qatar, but the midfielder insists he’s ready to rejoin the team if called under a new coach.

“When I think about it, a new coach is likely coming from MLS or coaching a team in the World Cup,” Bradley added. “Both of those things would require you wait. If someone is coaching in Europe, you have to at least get to the summer. I think it’s going to be a slow year with the national team.

“But I’ll always be ready if and when they call to go and do everything I can to help the team.”

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