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Report: Bayern Munich set to finalize deal for Taylor Booth in coming weeks

Another coveted young American player could be headed to Germany in a few weeks, according to Kicker.

Sixteen-year-old Real Salt Lake academy prospect Taylor Booth has been linked with Bayern Munich, and the report states he’ll be finalizing a deal with the German giant in the next few weeks.The move was originally reported by the Washington Post.

“We have to discover and commit the right players in the transfer market even earlier than before,” Bayern Munich executive board chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in the Kicker report.

Booth, who represented the U.S. U17 National Team at the U17 World Cup, would be joining up with Bayern’s junior team with a chance in the future to work his way up the ranks.


  1. I liked Booth a lot in the last u17 world cup. He wasn’t even a starter and I think it’s because of his style. He struck me as being a euro style player, relying less on physicality which was a strength of that team. He came on and always showed good skill and soccer smarts. Seems like an all-around center mid to me. Perhaps more offensive than defensive.

  2. While I want as many of our top prospects to challenge themselves in Europe, it’s important that they land at clubs/situations where they can grow, improve, and succeed. Pulisic has succeeded at BvB because of his innate ability, his work ethic, the clubs style of play, and the coaches giving him opportunities.
    If Bayern does for Booth what BvB did for Pulisic….Great. If they don’t than hopefully they’ll be willing to loan/sell him somewhere where he’ll get opportunities….like Chelsea has been doing with Miazga.

      • Romain Gall just scored three goals in Sundsvall’s first preseason match against another first division side. I had no idea Sundsvall had joined MLS.

        As far as Pelosi and Rubin, major injuries have derailed both careers not where they chose to play.

      • Yevgeniy:

        I don’t get the hate. Are you suggesting that our young players should turn down the opportunity to train/develop and possibly play one day at one of the top clubs in the world? Everyone is aware that for the majority of youth players (not just American kids), they won’t end up playing for Bayern’s first team. But it ain’t the worst thing in the world to receive top coaching and be seen by other teams as a teenagers…

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